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Ohio’s Real Estate Market Sees A Boom Year

Ohio’s Real Estate Market Sees A Surge In Sales

The state of Ohio’s real estate market just saw its best year in over a decade. 2016 was a boom year and the best year for real estate since 2005. Here are some of the figures that show just how good and profitable real estate was in 2016.

Total purchases in Ohio increased by 7.5% for homes compared to 2015. There was about 151,600 homes bought in 2016. That represents about 415 homes bought per day in Ohio. Truly, real estate is now booming. Not only did did the number of homes purchased drastically increased in Ohio, but the sale price showed a significant increase as well. Average sale prices increased by 8% according to a report released by the Ohio Association of realtors.

Sales are rising and the number of purchases is also rising in Ohio’s real estate market. This can be described as a major boom in the real estate market in the state. Pete Kopf, who works as a real estate agent in the Cincinnati area, says that the boom has been record setting.

Ohio Real Estate Agent, Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a real estate who works in the Central Ohio region. She works for the reality group, RE/MAX. Mrs. Mazzocco has an extensive background in real estate and property management. She has worked at The Edwards Realty Company and Scotland Yard Condominiums firms before joining the team at RE/MAX. Tammy Mazzocco is a fully licensed real estate agent.

Her office is located at 1131 Hill Road in Pickerington, Ohio 43147. You can reach Tammy Mazzocco by phone at (614)554-7837 to set up an appointment. Tammy Mazzocco’s area of expertise is selling and buying homes in the counties of Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield counties.

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