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How The DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Has Established Himself As A Real Estate Titan

Hussain Sajwani was ranked fourth in the List of the wealthiest Arabs globally. The property developer went to the University of Washington and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial engineering. After University he joined GASCO, a renowned oil company based in Dubai as an oil and gas contractor before he quit and focused on his own business. According to Erem News, he started the Al Jazeira Services Company that supplied food to officers and construction workers. The food venture has to date expanded and is under the DAMAC Properties providing meals to over 150,000 people daily.

He ventured into real estate in 1995 when he built a few units to accommodate guests who came to the Emirates for business but did not have places to stay. In 2002, Hussain Sajwani officially started the DAMAC Properties, a company that has a solid reputation in developing luxurious homes with laid out portfolios. The company is currently in Doha, Lebanon, London, and Jeddah. The real estate company is headquartered in Dubai and trades its shares in the Dubai Stock Market. The DAMAC owner has overseen the success of about 20,000 complete units and is managing 44,000 ongoing projects.

Besides DAMAC properties, Hussain Sajwani has the majority of shares in Al Aman building material, a company that distributes high-quality building materials, bathroom and surface finishes. The DAMAC owner is the chairman of the largest ceramics manufacturer in Oman, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company. The company strives to use locally produced raw materials in making the tiles and imports glazes and frits from Spain and Italy. He founded DICO investments, an organization divided into four major divisions, the strategic holdings, debt collection instruments, ownership of subsidiaries and long-term investments.

Under his guidance, DAMAC properties have partnered with various brands like Bugatti to facilitate its executive advertising technique that involves rewarding every apartment buyer with a Lamborghini. For the Trump international golf course, he collaborated with Tiger woods and had also closed deals with Italian fashion houses like Fendi Casa and Versace. The DAMAC owner is a family man and has four children. Learn more about Sajwani on Facebook.


Real Estate Mogul Jim Toner Discusses Life And Business

Jim Toner is a man of many accomplishments. A real estate investor in his day job, Toner is also a consultant, radio talk show host, and a motivational speaker.

Toner has shared his knowledge and expertise through speaking engagements all around the country and those interested in the insight he shares have been willing to reward him handsomely.

Jim Toner has also been recognized for his generosity as a philanthropist for his work with U.S. veterans and the homeless.

Recently, Jim Toner sat down for an interview that gave some insight into his life and thoughts.

Can You Tell Us What A Typical Day Is Like For You

I usually rise pretty early. Around 5:30. I like to lie in bed for about half an hour before I get dressed and find my way to the gym. I never miss a morning workout. I cannot start my day without them.

I like to have flexibility with the rest of my day. I will either work on my next book, radio show, podcast, or whatever I have going on that day. I never restrict myself to a to-do list.

How Do You Bring The Thoughts In Your Head To Life

I just get it done. I think people overanalyze things and paralyze themselves with fears of failure. I learned long ago that you lose nothing if an idea does not work.

Once an idea is clarified and a working model is available to test. I take the results of this test and adjust the model using the new information I have acquired. Honestly, there is not a high percentage of successes with business ideas. But the ones that work make the process worth it.

Tell Us One Truth With Which No One Agrees With You

Financial wipeouts do not mean the end of the world. Many people think that money is the only thing of value in life and feel miserable if it is gone. Money can be replaced and the process can be both easy and quick.

What Is A Business Strategy You Can Share With The Public

Many people will consider my words to be crazy but this strategy has been tried and proven. Give money away. Put ten percent of all money earned in a separate bank account and label this the giving account. As for the giving, do this how you wish as long as the money is used for the benefit of others without the thought of gaining anything in return.

I have given up on trying to figure out why the world works in this way but for every dollar that is given away, at least double will be returned.

Jim Toner’s e-book is here:

The Real Estate Mogul; Hassani Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of Damac properties. He started the real estate company back in 2002 following the decree by the Dubai government to allow foreigners to invest and own houses in Dubai. He saw this as an opportunity, and it paid off with the company having a valuation of about 4.3 billion dollars to its name. He started off in the food industry and worked with the USA army through providing food for the soldiers among other services in their missions such as operation desert storm in 1991 in Iraq, in Somalia, Bosnia and also in the Gulf.



He was born in the year 1953, is a resident of Dubai, United Arabs Emirates. He is married and has four children. He is also a holder of a degree, Bachelor of arts/science from the University of Washington.



He has good personal and business relations with the current USA president, Donald Trump had had several business deals before he even became president. Damac collaborated with Trump to develop an international golf course project that will contain luxury villas with an expected turnover of about 2 billion dollars after their sale. Hussain Sajwani has on occasions received invites to ceremonies by Trump, the recent one being the victory ceremony in his hotel Mar-ag-Lago resort in Florida with his family.



The company is now seeking to expand its investments in different countries in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The company has also adopted a business model that ensures that the company can stand tough economic times ( They include; buying of land with no debt by paying upfront for the purchase of the property. Secondly, they assured that the escrow accounts are independent of each other, so no transfer of funds from one project to fund another. Each plan supports itself. They also ensure that they maintain enough cash reserves in fixed deposits with financial institutions or government bonds that are sufficient to fund secure their ongoing projects.



Hassani Sajwani is also a generous man. He has been involved in various community services and also donated funds to support the campaign to clothe deprived children across the world. He donated AED 2 to the campaign. Also, as a real estate developer, Damac has been in the front row to help the government in improving the state of housing and living in the country by providing proper housing facilities. The company also supports the Red Crescent, a humanitarian organization which seeks to alienate the suffering of people in the world.