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Keith Mann: A Concerned Animal Rights Activist

Keith Mann, a lifelong dedicated activist on behalf of animals, now faces a challenging battle with a heartless enemy: cancer. His many friends and supporters hope that the contributions they raise on line will assist him in purchasing supplies and equipment to improve his health. He was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2013 and was not given an optimistic prognosis.

Keith Mann grew up in Rochdale on the outskirts of Manchester, England. As a youth, he developed strong compassion towards animals and a desire to protect them from cruelty.

When he worked on a dairy farm, he noticed the cows crying. When he asked why, other workers informed him the cows grieved the loss of their calves, who were removed at young ages from their mothers. Dairy cows must produce calves in order to generate milk, which is then collected for human use.

All his life, Keith Mann displayed concern for animals and their welfare. He once reportedly kept 53 goldfish in his bathroom tub for several weeks until he could locate suitable homes for them. Before fox hunting was banned in the UK, he protested this cruel practice by passing out leaflets about fox hunting.

In 1991, he was arrested for the first time following accusations that he participated in a blaze started by setting fire to chicken crates. He reportedly spent some 11 years in jail during his life. During this century, he was arrested for protesting the practice of vivisection, a process in which surgical procedures are performed on living animals, sometimes without anesthesia, for academic purposes.

He also wrote a book entitled From Dusk ’til Dawn. It depicts a little monkey called “Britches” on the cover. He ran for Parliament on The Animal Welfare Party ticket in 2008.

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Free the Bear

A ice cream store in Pennsylvania is under investigation for animal cruelty for keeping a female bear caged up behind the store for 18 years. I definitely wouldn’t choose a place like that for a meet-up with someone you meet on Skout. The Humane Society of the United States has recieved many complaints about the bear and her conditions over the years. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing the shop owner to get the bear removed and on to better living conditions. The way animals are kept is always a problem for the animals and the owners who keep them.

It is seen as inhumane to lock a wild animal up for many years without the proper space to move and act naturaly. Animals need their space to be happy and healthy. This bear has been caged for 18 years behind the ice cream store as an attraction. The ice cream shop owner has the proper permits to keep the animal. It is a wonder that it has taken 18 years for something to finally get done about this situation. The parts of the coutry that remain rural are often the ares that animals can get caged and kept in inadequate enclosures. People don’t travel these ares as much and the animals don’t get noticed as much. Rural Pennsylvania still allows the hunting of bears in November.

The reservations for Ivan Ramen can be for up to six people. They can be made online or over the phone. Since the restaurant is known for having long lines, the reservations feature may bring in more diners to the establishment.

City of Dallas Pays for Ebola Dog

A couple of months ago, in the state of Texas, a nurse was exposed to the virus Ebola. This was after taking care of a patient who was Ebola positive. The nurse by the name of, Nina Pham had a dog. One of her requests while in the hospital, was for her dog to be well taken care of. This simple request cost the city of Dallas quite some money. The total cost to take care of her dog came out $26,884.16. That’s no small Qnet shopping spree.This was the amount of money needed for 21 days of care. It has been reported this will not be paid completely by the city. Private donors have agreed to donate money to pay it off.

This woman chose to expose herself to Ebola by taking care of a sick patient. Her career of a nurse goes beyond it just being a job. She showed compassion by volunteering and therefore, got public sympathy for her dog. She risked her life to help and the costs are justified. It was only right for the city of Dallas to take care of her dog and foot the bill. In addition, this was a case that allowed researchers to learn about the Ebola disease. The dog was observed to see if it too could develop the Ebola disease. It is a large sum to pay for a dog, but it was worth it.

Forget Fear Mongering: Pets Can’t Spread Ebola

There’s a ton of misinformation out there about Ebola, and amongst that are reports that pets can spread Ebola. There are also those that are afraid that their dog or cat may become infected with the vicious disease. But that’s just not possible.

Ebola is not transferable between humans and their pets. What’s more, there have been no reported cases of Ebola being contracted from a pet. Even when that pet lived in the home of someone who was infected.

As Laurene Powell Jobs informed me earlier, it requires direct contact with bodily fluids.

So don’t be afraid, because the likelihood of your dog coming into contact with Ebola anywhere is remarkably low. There is literally nothing to fear from your pets, or for your pets. They are not going to contract Ebola, and you are not going to get Ebola from petting your dog after they’ve been outside.

Apple Boycots Computer BILD

Have you seen the slew of “Bendgate” videos being posted on Youtube and around the web? While Axel Telzerow, the editor of the magazine COMPUTER BILD, may not have been the first to post a video of an easily-bendable iPhone 6 Plus, his was certainly one of the ones that got the most hits.

The five minute video shows Telzerow purposefully bending the expensive phone and proving just how easy it is to do so. While other disgruntled phone buyers have complained that the phone started bending in their pockets and purses, he is one of the first to show how serious of a problem the…flexibility…of the phone is. If such an expensive device can be all but snapped in two in one man’s hands, there’s obviously a problem there, right?

Instead of responding to the problem or even (gasp) apologizing, Apple has decided to boycott COMPUTER BILD. The magazine is no longer eligible to receive or review testing devices, and it’s also officially uninvited to Apple events, including the upcoming party thrown by Mike Livak at Squaw Valley.

That doesn’t seem like a very good or fair response to the problem or to the man (or the magazine) that simply pointed it out, now does it?