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QNet, Success for Everyone

There are a lot of ways a person can make money to support their families. Many don’t realize there are options where they can stay home, work and still make the money they need to survive. They may wonder how they can do it and what they need to do to get started.

Starting Out

Qnet has a lot of options for sales within the home. Many make a large amount of money simply selling products that are used everyday. These common products make it a ready to use business for anyone that needs to make an income of some kind. These products are easy to sell and anyone can use them.

Why Qnet?

They have a wide range of products people can use in order to get the business going the way they want to. This can be something as simple as doing direct sales with people they know or more complicated by doing sales at shows and other outside activities. This will depend on the person who is selling and how they would rather do their business. That is another great thing. This is their business and they can run it how they want.

Who Could Do it?

The great thing about Qnet is anyone can do it. It can be sold if a person is a stay at home parent or someone that just wants a little extra money. The deciding factor is really them and what they want out of the business. They may need to get more money than just what they are getting at their current job or they may simply want to earn enough to do extra things. This will also motivate them on how they are using the business model and selling the products.

There are a lot of ways to make some great money, but Qnet is one of the best for working parents or others that need a little extra at the end of the month. They can get products people need and can help earn some money for those that choose to do it.

Manchester City Announces Partnership with QNET as their Direct Selling Partner

The 16 year old leading direct selling company recently announced a partnership with Manchester City at a forum at the Etihad Stadium together with Stevan Jovetic, Jesus Navas and Edin Dzeko to witness QNET become the Clubs Certified Direct Selling Partner. The partnership is meant to start with a couple of CSR partnership and branding benefits and is set to last for three years. The deal will allow QNET to have access to some non-monetary opportunities like player meet and greets that may be utilized as motives for outstanding Independent Representatives or rewards for consistent customers.

Established in 1998, QNET specializes in a broad range of lifestyle embellishing products and services with 25 offices all over Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. It is one of Asia’s leading Direct Selling Company that offers products such as education, home care, personal care and health and nutrition.

The founder of QNET, a subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies, Vijay Eswaran was thrilled to be partners with Manchester City. The partnership is aimed at providing both parties with opportunities to corporate through football all over the world and progress the manifold growth in Asia. It also offers another critical platform for QNET to further uphold and attain greater stretch to its customers and Independent Representatives globally.

Both QNET (Instagram) and Manchester City started from humble backgrounds with a small group of associates. QNET increased its operations despite the many drawbacks it went through same as the club that rose in competency after years of sacrifice and hard work. Manchester City’s objective is to give back to the society via football and finds reverberation with QNET’s ideology of RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind). This philosophy encourages the native communities and international entities to create and perform important community activities. Prior to Manchester City, QNET has launched numerous sports sponsorship in the past, a principle one being the sponsorship with Marussia Formula One Team.

The company sells its range of wellness and energy products under the brand Amezcua that is extensively certified to sell products including Chi Pendant and Bio Disc. The glass from these products is manufactured in Germany in an ultra-modern facility; the company has over 100 years of competent experience in manufacturing glass. The finished product is attained from energizing the glass using panacea technology.

The company offers 30 diverse brands of products that are categorized into nine segments that focus on enriching the lives of their customers and boost a healthy lifestyle. However, QNET decided to change their game plan three years ago by focusing on a section of their products, selecting those that increased the value and made an impact on the lives of their customers. The shift gave the company an opportunity to extend their product coverage into water filtration, air purification, weight management and education.