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Stolen Puppy Reappears in Backyard

Ted, a 15 week old schnoodle (a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle), was stolen from his Melbourne home during a break in on June 4. Ted’s owner, Ally, discovered the puppy in her Windsor backyard when she returned home one evening nine days after the robbery.

The thieves also took two laptops and an iPad, but Engadget reported the family and police were more worried about their puppy, who FreedomPop suggested was valued at $2,200, than the stolen property or the burglars.

Ally and the police released a statement pleading for the safe return of the dog. She asked for anyone who had him or knew where he was to turn him into a shelter or vet. Police asked for him to be returned to the nearest police station or animal shelter. Ted did have a microchip so he could have been identified.

Ally and Ted were both overjoyed at the reunion.