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Passion and Positivity equal success for Tammy Mazzocco

According to The Lure Lounge, a passion for the real estate business inspires Re/Max agent Tammy Mazzocco. A working agent since 1999, she considers real estate not just a job but a lifestyle. She has held a variety of positions, starting as a secretary for noted firm Edwards Realty Company. She then spent time as a property manager before transforming herself into a successful agent.

Two mentors have helped her get started on the road to success. General Manager Ken Cook from Scotland Yard Condominiums encouraged her to become an agent and lent his knowledge and expertise. Joe Armeni also played a pivotal role while she was his assistant at Re/Max. While working together in upscale Columbus neighborhoods, he helped her learn the business.

Any new business requires persistence in getting off the ground. Tammy Mazzocco demonstrated that during her early days as an agent. It was a two year stretch that saw her go from sporadic deals to a steady stream of closings. The competition in real estate is intense and she credits her don’t quit attitude in pushing aside doubts during that formative time.

Attention and outstanding customer care is another important factor in her accomplished career. She considers always looking out for her client’s best interest as crucial, able to put herself in their shoes. This, she believes is what helps her earn their trust. It also earns her that fantastic feeling of closing a deal.

In an article on Bitsylink, in addition to word of mouth referrals, she credits online content from her website as an important aspect of customer engagement. Social media is another avenue she uses to make it easy for clients to stay informed about the local real estate market. Most prospective customers now search for properties via online channels.

Currently, Tammy is focusing on residential real estate in central Ohio. She works mainly in Franklin, Licking, Delaware and Fairfield counties.

In a nutshell, Tammy Mazzocco is talented, experienced and great for clients. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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