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Behind Bars? No Worries, Securus Technologies Has Your Back!

As a disabled combat veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress I made a few bad decisions several years ago after returning from the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately, those decisions put me behind bars. Now, as the founder and director of a nonprofit for veterans with PTSD and find themselves incarcerated, I have had the unique opportunity to see firsthand the evolution and innovation of Securus Technologies along with the dramatic impact this company has had, not only in inmate communications but in increasing the safety of inmates, law enforcement agents, and correctional officers alike.


I recently read an article on about Securus and wanted to add my personal support and experience to the article.


As a former inmate I understand completely how important it is to be able to have contact with family, friends, and most importantly, legal representation when behind bars. Back when I was incarcerated the phone system provided by Securus was my only link to the outside. Now, with the constant innovations by Securus, inmates can not only call but have an online visitation with both family and/or attorney.


In addition to the innovations that benefit the detained, Securus constant new patents make life safer for corrections officers by utilizing enterprise software which reduces crimes committed by the incarcerated, decreases the amount of drugs smuggled into our jails and effecting gang violence on other inmates and officers.


If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself or a loved one as one of the 1.2 million detainees Securus systems provide for nationwide or considering a career in law enforcement or corrections in one of the 3450 public safety, police agencies, or correctional institutions that Securus serves, be grateful and confident that Securus Technologies has your back.



Success of Securus ConnectUs Technology

Securus Technologies is providing the best inmate communication solutions in America. Securus is the most tech-savvy company in the industry. ConnectUs technology saves the correction officers’ time and resources. They can get inmate forms reliably and launch grievance application on time.

Russel Roberts believes that the Securus Technologies will continue to provide the criminal justice with the latest and most effective communication innovations. Apparently, the correctional facilities use paper forms to attend to inmate’s needs. With automated application forms, the process is faster.

The ConnectUs application makes requests and grievance forms readily accessible to the inmates. The ConnectUs application platform is eliminating usage of manual processes and replacing them with digital automation. Consequently, the saved time and resources enhance the fight against criminality in the America. Also, the Securus enables inmates to apply for the forms by themselves at all time.

Chief Kolitwenzew believes that the ConnectUs application is one of the simplest technology to implement. The technology is already proving a hit among users. Securus innovation is leading in the modernization of the correction facilities.

ConnectUs inmate forms and grievance application is the best change in the market that majority of correction centers are using. Inmates can access the information available in the correction facility through automated documentation conveniently. Additionally, the platform has more benefits that boost communication between correction staffs and inmates. One of them is digital inmate bulletin.

Securus Technologies offices are in Dallas and Texas among other states in North America. The organization serves the public safety, law enforcement and correction facilities by providing emergency response, inmate self-service, biometric analysis among other services as a way of improving the security of the prisoner.

Securus Technologies is transforming the lives of the prisoners significantly. It is making incarceration life much bearable. Its application is making correction and rehabilitation smooth.