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End Citizens United Has Impressive Resolve Toward Ending Corruption In Campaign Financing:

Political organization End Citizens United is an action committee that works diligently to get a reversal on the 2010 Citizens United verdict of the Supreme Court. The group’s overall goal is to champion campaign finance reform and see an end of big money in politics. A huge part of how End Citizens United works towards its goals is by supporting candidates that made their devotion to bringing along campaign finance reform well-known. It is all a part of the idea that honest politicians who do not want to ally their campaigns with big money from the corporate world are at a huge financial disadvantage, which causes obvious problems.

End Citizens United has shown a consistent commitment to trying to level the playing field of politics by grassroots fundraising efforts that go toward the support of candidates who believe in reform. The has made the organization an impressively influential organization within the world of politics. The coming 2018 election cycle is considered critical by End Citizens United. The truth is that any American who is concerned with the influence that big money is having over the political system should highly consider donating to the organization. Visit End Citizens United on Twitter for latest updates.

End Citizens United is also fighting to go after politicians who are using corrupt money in their campaigns. Florida governor Rick Scott has been a politician of particular concern due to charges of financial improprieties. Scott, for his part, seems to be attempting to deflect the charges down the line to people in a subordinate role.

The fact is that the 2010 decision on the part of the Supreme Court has allowed wealthy individuals and special interest groups to gain an illegitimate advantage in the political process because transparency is something that is lacking. This is, in fact, the primary complaint lobbied by the organization. Due to this, it is critical to promote candidates that are positively disposed to reform on this critical issue. The group has its headquarters in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. and is under the expert leadership of Tiffany Muller. Muller serves in the dual role of Executive Director as well as President. Matt Burgess is the EVP and Adam Bozzi serves in the role of Communications Director.



Rick Scott FEC’s Complaint Updated by ECU

After new evidence that was previously unreported surfaced that there was illegal collusion between the Super PAC and Rick Scott, an updated FEC complaint has been lodged against Scott. The supplemental complaint has comprehensively documented Rick Scott’s coordination with PAC. The full complaint indicates that the New Republican and the Scott campaign team have a shared address. The Super PAC gave undisclosed payments for its website to be updated. The website update would serve the purpose of serving Rick Scott before his Senate announcement. The Super PAC also conducted the polling on behalf of Rick Scott.

The Scott campaign and the Super PAC also shared the same fundraiser. The original complaint is further strengthened by the new evidence that has been presented by the supplemental complaint. The complaint shows that Rick Scott made use of New Republican to bend the finance laws that have been instituted to regulate political campaigns. Scott also used New Republican to fundraise and raise soft money that was way above the federal contribution limits that have been set by the FEC. End Citizens communications director, Adam Bozzi said that a wave of new evidence has surfaced in the past few days to supplement the evidence that had been earlier documented regarding the Scott saga.

Bozzi added that Rick Scott would go to unprecedented lengths to employ shady political campaign tricks to advance his agenda in the forthcoming mid-term elections. The communications director also said that the FEC should conduct thorough investigations on the case involving Scott with immediate effect. He said that the citizens of Florida deserve better than what Scott is offering. The new supplemental complaint also shows that the Rick Scott campaign team used an identical mailing address with New Republican. New Republican had used this mailing address to contact the FEC on a statement in February.

The state of organization mail to the FEC highlighted the close relationship between the two entities. The Super Pac and Scott’s campaign team also had the same fundraiser. The evidence also demonstrates that Rick Scott continued to hold regular meetings with New Republican and raise campaign funds through the Super PAC until March of 2018. The original complaint documented by End Citizens United gave comprehensive details of how the Florida Senate candidate was running around the US election laws. Rick Scott recruited some of his former campaign staff to New Republican. The staff included the Melissa stone which served his 2014 campaign manager and chief of staff.

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Liberal Billionaire George Soros Thought Dangerous By Right Wing

George Soros first became known for achieving 30% returns on hedge funds investments for 30 years and earning $1 billion in profit in a single day of trading the British pound, and later he shared his strategy in a his book. He is also known for his philanthropy. That he is a liberal is evident in his Open Society Foundation who main goal is to bring about social justice. The Open Society Foundation operates in over 100 countries and allows him more political and economic insight into matters around the world. An article published by the on May 20 gives readers insight into why he is targeted by the conservative right and believed, by some, to be controlling the world’s wealth and promoting the idea of a world without borders, a global order.

The article points to George Soros being a man of contradictions. Most billionaires are conservative right wingers rather than liberals. George Soros says at his website that his billions obligates him to take a stand on controversial issues. He also shares his commentaries on the economic and political landscape of the world through his essays. The writer of the article, Veronika Bondarenko explores and debunks some of the right-wing conspiracy theories, such as Soros being allied with the world’s elite to bring down the global currency. His many essays discussing how best to strengthen the world’s economy are wasted on those conspiracy theorist.

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True accusations sited in the article include Soros using his power and money to influence politics. George Soros openly supports migrants, refugees and criminal justice reform. The Open Society Foundation website states that more than $1.6 billion has been spent on democratic development in Eastern Europe, which also can explain why many European governments share anti-Soros sentiment. The Open Society Foundation also spent more than $1.5 billion on democratic reforms including immigration, democratic governance and criminal justice in the US. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Being born in Nazi occupied Hungary in 1930 and educated in England in 1947 gives George Soros a unique perspective to view the world. Being ever vigilant in addressing economic and political issues that are of world concern is a role he assumes. Being a target of those with opposing views goes along with the territory.

Charles Koch Explains that Koch Network is Considering War against Trump

Koch family is considering whether to challenge the nomination of mistaken Donald Trump. Charles Koch gave an interview during a function to support his new book and explained that he is disappointed by the state of the Republican presidential race. In the history of the American politics, the Koch family is affiliated with the Republican Party and has made big contributions to help the candidates to win the election. In fact, during the intervening years, Koch Network has studied what went wrong in 2012 and has now strengthened their effort to ensure these issues do not affect the Republican Party anymore.

The start of 2016 signified an election year which the two Koch brothers along with their allies pledged a hefty $900 million to elect Republicans mainly whoever wins the nomination to face Hilary Clinton or perhaps Bernie Sanders depending on who wins the Democratic primaries. However, it is true that things are hard for Koch brothers because plans don’t seem to be going smoothly.

The political activities of Koch brothers regard both political and financial influence by David H. and Charles G. Koch in the United States. The contribution is both directly and indirectly via public policy organizations and political networks supported mainly by Koch Brothers and their allies. Koch brothers are the sons of Fred C. Koch, the founder of Koch Industries. Koch brothers are some of the richest people in the U.S. and the world.

Koch brothers own 84% of Koch Industries, which is the second-largest privately held company in the United States. David and Charles bought both interests of the other two brothers to remain in control of the family business which they inherited from their father. From the fortunes they gain from the family business, they have made a significant financial contribution to conservative and libertarian tanks and campaigns.

2016 has been a challenging year for Koch Network especially because their relationship with Donald Trump has been sour with no common objectives. The closest person with the same ideologies with Koch Network was Rand Paul who dropped out earlier in the race for Republican Nominee. Although Trumps lost in Iowa Caucus, a loss that was seen as significant to control his ego, it is no doubt that Trump enjoys support from many followers in the Republican Party. The more worrying thing about Trump is when he wins the Republican nominee, and he face Clinton in November.

1888 Was A Great Year

Charles and David Koch, grandsons of billionaire Harry Koch, are celebrating their grandfather’s and his legacy by naming a new company 1888 Management LLC. The significance of the name 1888, this was the year their grandfather came to America to make his fortune. He was of Dutch descent. This new company will manage part of their own personal wealth. The brothers combined wealth is estimated at around $100 billion dollars.

Trent May, from Wyoming Retirement System, joined the Koch brothers in 2011. He has helped gain investors. He and the company are focused on direct investment opportunities. He is very well thought of by his peers. He knows and studies the market. He seems to have a “Midas” touch. Every endeavor turns a profit. With his reputation as an investor, 1888 has had no problems gaining investors.

The Koch family is known for backing wealthy Republican conservatives. They put lots of money behind a candidate who agrees to lower taxes and lower regulations. They have yet to endorse a candidate for the 2016 election.

Charles Koch is a businessman and philanthropist. He and his brother inherited the business from their father. They then began to expand the business beyond the oil refining and chemical areas. The business has grown abundantly over the many years they have co-chaired this business. Charles Koch has also written books about success and profits. With the track record he and his brother have with successful businesses, it is no wonder others are interested in how they make their wealth.

Myths About the Koch Brothers Debunked

Charles and David Koch, also known as the Koch brothers, have received their fair share of publicity lately. Since the media has become almost obsessed with detailing the Koch brothers’ involvement in funding various political causes and organizations, there has been an overwhelming amount of misinformation and unsubstantiated perceptions about the motivations behind the Koch brothers’ involvement in politics. Charles Koch is a multi billionaire who have been funding political campaigns and fighting liberalism with an impressive war chest of resources.

Even as Charles Koch has made himself available for interviews with the media and openly writes about their agenda, the media continues to perpetuate an obscure message about the Koch brothers’ motivations. In a recent article, Moyers & Company unravels five common myths about the Koch brothers and paints a much clearer motivation about their involvement in politics. For instance, while the media would have the public believe that the Koch brothers have simply been reacting to the Obama presidency, the Koch brothers have been promoting free market and libertarian policies since the 1970s. The article also points out that the Koch brothers actually operate within a larger network of like-minded activists, rather than simply funding causes on their own. In addition, contrary to popular belief, the Koch brothers have been actively involved in working with the Republican party to unify their efforts in promoting free market and libertarian causes.

Charles Koch currently serves as chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries. Along with his brother, David Koch, he inherited the company from his father, and both brothers now own an equal share in the company. Koch Industries is known for its heavy presence in the oil refinery market and now also is involved in pollution process and control, as well as many other aspects of the industry. Charles Koch published a booked in 2007 titled The Science of Success. In the book, he details his personal philosophy regarding free market economics. He has spoken openly about his opposition to corporate welfare and describes himself as a classical liberal when it comes to economic theory. Charles Koch is essentially leery of big government and its involvement in the private lives and choices of its citizens. Instead, Koch champions what he calls “market-based” approaches to social problems. Koch has been widely recognized for his political contributions and business acumen.

Charles Koch: Bernie Sanders is Right

Charles Koch is a wealthy billionaire based in the United States. He has been active in politics in the country offering political advice and giving funds to the party of his choice. In the recent past, he started a very powerful political network that has spread like wildfire in all the states in America. He has gained a lot of supporters from every part of the nation, and from the look of things, this year politics will be different due to the influence of his network.

Charles Koch and his brother are in charge of the political machine, and together, they have done a lot in the country. The two inherited the Koch industries from their retired father, and through the years, the two have worked tirelessly to ensure that the emperor left by their father expands over the years. Charles Koch works as the Chief Director if the companies while his brother David works as the vice president. The company currently has expanded in production and services, becoming one of the biggest industries in the entire world. The company is also offering more services that before, a sign that it has greatly expanded since the two brothers took charge.

Due to the independence, Charles Koch has acquired in the United States, the billionaire’s opinion is highly respected in all aspects, and especially in political matters. The billionaire criticizes people opinion too, and this is highly appreciated due to knowledge the billionaire has in financial and political matters.

Last Friday, Charles Koch said in a press conference that he was agreeing with what Bernie Sender has stated previously, shocking many people. The two have always had completely different opinions, but this time, Charles agrees with Bernie, though not completely. The two have the same opinion about leftwing Democratic presidential candidates especially on issues concerning corporate welfare and also criminal justice in the United States. The senator of the United States is getting upset because of the political and economic system in the country that most of the time is rigged to help the few who are privileged, and this is done at the expense of the rest of the citizens, especially the poor and less advantaged.

Charles Koch agrees with the senator because the system used in America has always favored the rich, ignoring the needy and poor people in the society. He applauds the senator and asks for action to neutralize this injustice.

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Charles Koch: Disdain For Big Government

Charles Koch wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post. The article addressed Senator Bernie Sanders’ comments during the Presidential campaign. Many times Sanders has pointed to Koch Industries as an example of a company that has taken advantage of the system and buys politicians. In the article, Koch explained that the policies they support or oppose are not determined by the political party that supports it nor by whether it will harm their business, but rather whether it is good for society and the economy.

Koch also explained that he shared similar ground to Sanders on the issue of the criminal justice system. He explained that it only hurts society and the economy to put non violent offenders in prison. It drains the tax payers’ pockets and it destroys families and communities unnecessarily. Koch says he believes that the system treats the wealthy and the poor very different. A poor person caught with cannabis will be incarcerated and stripped of future opportunities, which only extends the cycle of poverty. A wealthy person who is caught with the same amount of cannabis will face minimal repercussions. Policy then furthers this issue by restricting ex-convicts and limiting their future.

Charles Koch has long been a supporter of less government in all ways. He was born in Wichita in 1935 and after getting multiple engineering degrees from MIT, Koch went on to turn his father’s mid-sized oil company into an enormous leader in the industry. He is now the CEO and co-owner of Koch Industries, with 42 percent of the company being owned by him. The company is now much more than an oil and chemical firm, they also have interests in ranching, forest and consumer products, commodity trading and services, fertilizers, minerals, polymers and fibers, and process and pollution control technologies and equipment.

Charles Koch has been a long time supporter of small government. As with the example of ex-convicts that Koch used in his Washington Post op-ed, Koch also supports less business welfare. Even though this is not in his business’ best interest, seeing as they are a major producer of ethanol and receive significant subsidies from the government. Koch believes that all business welfare policies should be ended. He thinks that this hinders competition. He takes these views and then funds them through various charities that hold the same or similar beliefs.

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The Koch Network to Launch Counter Measure?

Donald Trumps recent second place finish in the Iowa primaries was a large blow to Charles Koch’s ego and was far greater than the recent feasibility of his own campaign. If Donald Trump keeps up his success in New Hampshire, where he is already leading in the polls, the Koch group will be put under great pressure to launch a counter measure before Trumps campaign gains too much speed and is unstoppable. The Koch group hosted another summit last week which saw hundreds of their allies come together. The main topic of discussion was indeed a plan to stop Donald Trump from gaining more momentum.

We are unsure as of what the counter measure will look like but the officials of the Koch group have assured us they have looked deeply into Donald Trumps vulnerabilities. He has had previous bankruptcies and shady business deals which will most probably harm his position with voters. A similar strategy was deployed by the Democrats, which was successful against Mitt Romney. Officials of the Koch Group were still unsure if something like this would be launched as their is no real plan as of yet, things are still being discussed and ironed out.

The company Koch Industries was originally started by Charles Koch’s father, Fred C. Koch, is known as the second largest privately held company in the United States of America. This was according to Forbes survey in 2010. Charles Koch who is a chairman of the board of Koch Industries and the chief executive officer has a net worth of $36 billion according to the Hurun Report. This makes Charles Koch the 6th richest man in the world according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index of October 2012. He is also 4th on the Forbes 400 which he makes due to his 42 percent share holding in Koch Industries. The other 42 percent is held by his brother David H. Koch.

Charles Koch has published several books in his time and one of those is The Science of Success. It was published in 2007 and talks of the management philosophy he leads which is also known as “Market-Based Management in academic circles. This approach has been very successful and has lead to most of the awards he has received. Charles Koch’s wife, Liz Koch has founded the Koch Cultural Trust which funds creative artists.

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