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Betsy DeVos Speaks for Education Reforms

One of the most giving and generous families that I have researched in the United States is the DeVos family, a family that is not only known for founding Amway Corporation, but a family that is also known for giving billions of dollars to charitable organizations across the country. The DeVos family is a prominent family in the Grand Rapids region in Michigan and is constantly dedicated to giving back to the community. The DeVos family is a strong believer in giving money to improve wealth within the community rather than keeping it close and never using it. As philanthropists, the DeVos family is particularly keen to give money to artistic charities, religious charities, as well as charities that conduct educational reforms.

Following in the path of his family is Dick DeVos, a businessman as well as a dedicated philanthropist who also believes that wealth should be spread across the community. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy are reforms in all senses. In recent news, Betsy DeVos’ speech at Calvin College showed that she is a political reformer and has unmatched knowledge of the political world. As a reformer, Mrs. DeVos is constantly looking to give new ideas to social reforms across the United States. Mrs. DeVos is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to solve even the most complex social issues that are faced everyday.

Social issues such as educational reforms are very important to Betsy DeVos and her husband. Betsy DeVos is a believer in education and the fact that the only way to promote wealth within a community is to encourage a high quality and upper level of education. Betsy DeVos has recently applauded many education initiatives as education choice is higher than ever which means children now choose to receive an education and are not just forced to receive one. As a philanthropist, Mrs. DeVos truly believes that education is the key to wipe away barriers and to accept others who come from different cultures.

The DeVos family is a proud family that is currently the owner as well as the founder of Amway Corporation, a network sales company that has expanded to now be international. With a multi-billion dollar corporation, the DeVos family has looked for new ways to incorporate their wealth into different communities across the United States. The solution is to give back to many philanthropic organizations and to all for the people to grow the wealth within the community.

New Scholarships From Keith Mann

Keith Mann is the founder of the Dynamic Search Partners. He is a well-known entrepreneur, and he is currently based in the New York City. Just recently, his organization announced to the world that it will soon be launching new scholarships. According to Keith, the new scholarship will be quite different from what people expected from him. He will be giving them to the young students who have proven to be good future leaders.

Just like any other scholarship, Keith has partnered with Uncommon Schools or organizations to make sure that everything is successful. The company will be partnering with a nonprofit making chatter known as Uncommon Schools that is also based in the United States, and they will play a crucial part in the scholarship. According to reliable sources from the two institutions, the new scholarship from Keith and Keely will be offered to a single student who is coming from the uncommon schools. A student will be picked from the school every year, and they will be offered an opportunity to study in college for four years and then partner with a good organization.

The new move has been appreciated by many people, especially the teachers from the Uncommon Schools. The organization will offer a needy student from these schools a bright opportunity, and they will complete their degrees without any financial challenges.

Applying for the scholarship is just a walk in the park. The senior students write an article consisting of one thousand words, explaining how attaining a degree will help them achieve their goals as professionals in the future. If the article is considered worthy, the applicant is picked and offered the generous opportunity.

Keith Mann is a business person and philanthropist found in New York City. He is an advocate of education, and that’s why he is very keen in educational matters. He founded the organization known as Dynamic Search to help needy students who do not enough funds for education access the right education and become important leaders in the world. He picks the most deserving candidate from the rest and gives them to an organization that can help them realize their dreams.

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Humanitarian Moves Displayed By Michigan Entrepreneur

Dick DeVos was born in 21st October 1955. He is a businessman from Michigan. He is a graduate of business administration from Northwood University. He has been awarded honorary degrees from Grove City College and Central Michigan University. DeVos has been awarded distinguished alumni recognition from Northwood University. He is married to Betsy DeVos for over 30 years.

He has four children. He worked in Amway Corporation and as the vice president. He led growth of the company to 18 countries. In the year 1991 he became the CEO of the Orlando basketball franchise. He went back to Amway in 1993 and the company’s revenue grew exponentially within the first year. DeVos is a sailor and a pilot. He is also a product of Harvard and Wharton Executive Study programs. His work history has been long and successful, and he has poured that success back into various charities, though he always focuses on his Michigan community first.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

He has been involved in various philanthropic activities. In the year 2014, he donated a total of $94 million. He was in the top 50 list of givers. He is optimistic that his generous acts will encourage others to give back to the society. Forbes has recognized the great contributions from DeVos.

According to an article in MLive, in the year 2013, Dick donated a total of $90.9 million. 48% was dispatched to the education sector, 27% was dispatched to health and community services, 13% to churches and 12% to arts and culture. DeVos family donated more than $2.6 million to Grand Rapids Public Schools. The donation paid for leadership development, teacher evaluation and teacher training. It assisted to curb absenteeism in schools by 30%.

Dick DeVos’ is the largest donor to Grand Valley State University. Total donations amount to $36 million. GVSU is close to his heart since his contributions to the University goes back to the time. He served as a board member for six years and later headed the university foundation board for 24 years. DeVos has been involved in various talks to recruit other philanthropists to assist in private sector donations.

Dick and his wife Betsy created the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family foundation. It was created to assist in process of giving.

Dick served as a member of RDV Corporation, Willow Creek Association and Spectrum Health System, Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan and West Michigan Aviation Academy.

DeVos is the author of “Rediscovering American Values” book. The book has a foreword by former President Gerald R. Ford. The book is describes how people have bettered themselves. It describes how lives can be better by practicing such values as honesty, compassion, self-discipline, initiative, hard-work, charity and forgiveness.

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