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Adam Milstein Was Founding Member of Israeli-American Council

In the summer of 2006, the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles organized a pro-Israel rally. Despite the fact that there are more than 200,000 Israeli-Americans living in Los Angeles, very few people showed up for the event. This got the attention of several prominent businessmen in the area, including Adam Milstein. He realized that Jewish people with strong connection to the Jewish state and homeland needed a better rallying point, and perhaps a more organized effort to bring together what is a significant American subculture.

Today Adam Milstein serves as chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a group that serves more than 250,000 Israeli-Americans and Jewish people across America. It is the largest organization of Philanthropist its kind in the U.S. Furthermore, as of 2017, it was the fastest growing Jewish organization.

Establishing the Israeli-American Council was a project near and dear to the heart of Adam Milstein. He was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1952. His mother, Eva, had immigrated to Israel from Mexico and his father, Hillel, came to the Jewish homeland from Argentina. Both came to Israel shortly after the new country was founded in 1948.

Adam Milstein grew to manhood and was conscripted into Israeli military service in 1971. He served in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and fought under General Ariel Sharon in Egypt. His experience in the fighting included the crossing of the Suez Canal and surrounding Egyptian forces there.

After military service Adam Milstein earned a B.S. degree in business from Technion. He met and married his wife, Gila Elgrably, in 1974. The couple moved to the United States in 1981. There Adam furthered his education by completing and MBA at the University of Southern California. Like his father, Milstein set out to make his mark in the real estate business and enjoyed considerable success in that field. Today he is a managing partner in the highly regarded Hager Pacific Properties of Encino, a firm that manages more than 100 properties across the U.S with a value of some $2 billion.

But success in business is only a part of Adam Milstein’s life – his work with the Israeli-American Council is a central aspect of what makes life important to him as a proud Jewish American with roots in the ancient land of Israel.

How Greg Secker has impacted the community around him

Greg Secker a popular English forex trader. He is the founder of Learn to Trade, the biggest trading academy in the world. Apart from being a forex trader, he is also an entrepreneur, a public speaker, and a philanthropist. He is the founder of a conferences organization company through which he conducts public speaking as well as the Greg Secker foundation which is a non-profit group that supports the needy in the society through education, leadership and life skills.


Greg Secker like many other successful business people takes time to explain how he has been able to get to the level that he is in right now. Greg Secker who became a multi-millionaire at a very young age says that he earned so much that he had to retire in his 20’s. He went to trade from the comfort of his home. However, he says that this became boring and he needed to get out and engage in some active roles. He used to spend his time attending public speaking conferences and seminars conducted by people such as Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield. He thought of it as something he could do as well. But unlike them who would just pump people with words only, he wanted to do it differently. He thought of doing it from the foreign exchange point of exchange. That way he would give people an opportunity to make money as he motivates them. From 2003, Greg has spoken in over 6000 meetings and shared the passion he has for trading with his listeners.


Greg Secker Foundation was set up with the initial intention of providing the young people with life skills that can help them shape up their lives. He used to hold Youth Leadership Summits where he would also invite motivational speakers to speak on various topics from health, leadership, entrepreneurship, wealth, and relationships. Greg Secker believes that through the summits many young people lives were impacted. Foundation also offers support to people faced with challenges such as victims of earthquakes or storms. A good example is the work being carried out in the Philippines where victims of the Typhoon Haiyan are benefitting with the construction of homes and simply getting their lives back to their normal.

Andrea McWilliams Is A Well Known Philanthropist And Fundraiser.

Ms. Andrea McWilliams, is an exceedingly triumphant, respected bureaucratic fundraiser and powerbroker. She is outstanding for her skills as a highly accomplished negotiator, who delivers poise under duress and has a aptitude for persistence. A lot of people, know of her extraordinary expertise, that she employs, towards the countless issues that she is confronted with. When required, Andrea relies on her know-how in the public arena, in addition to, the private sector to support her.

Ms. Andrea McWilliams operates as the admired Texas co-chairperson, at the Presidential Movement, for Michael Huckabee. Ms. Andrea McWilliams has been lauded by the Dallas morning News group, as one of the top earning fundraisers, in the state of Texas. Ms. McWilliams, has been ranked as the leading lobbyist, by the group, Texans for Public Justice. They also placed Ms. McWilliams, onto their extremely restricted, “Million Dollar Lobbyist” record. Ms. Andrea McWilliams, is also listed, as one of the foremost Impact Players in the industry, by Capital Inside.

Andrea has a time-honored reputation, as a truly steadfast campaigner for her customers. She is celebrated, for accomplishing legislative outcomes, when combating incredible hardships. She is also deeply appreciated for her persistence which saved a $3 billion cancer treatment proposal, according to news published by Capital Inside.

Andrea is the foremost benevolent powerbroker, for President Bush and was the first person to be listed as a Bush Pioneer. Ms. Andrea McWilliams, at only the age of 21, became appointed to Chief of Staff, a very respected status to have, regardless of age. Andrea is a documented humanitarian and volunteers for her district. She donates to the arts and is listed on the board of directors of the Ballet Austin, as well as the Women’s Symphony League and several nonprofit projects, including the Pioneer Farms.