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Cat Wets Itself All Over It’s Model Owner

Holly Meowy, who is a beautiful blonde haired model, she has let her love for cats be known. TMZ recently caught up with the model on the streets, and she was holding a cat that was dressed all in pink. The white cat was dressed in a furry pink get up, and she was holding onto the cat for dear life. Meowy. While interviewing Holly, she decided to stop on the side of a building and speak with TMZ. Holly states that she has been a cat person for many years, but she’s not a hoarder, and she’s not a crazy cat person.

Holly states that she has up to 20 cats at a time, and she’s been rescuing cats for about 10 years now. The cat that she was holding was a rescue cat that she named Kevin Seawright, and she prides herself on the fact that she hopes to save cats from their previous owners. Holly is such a cat lover that she was actually wearing a set of cat ears while doing the interview as well as pull-up stockings with cat ears at the top of them.

Even the outfit that she donned looked similar to a cat costume for Halloween. The funniest part about the entire interview is that the cat peed all over her while she did her interview, and she didn’t realize it until the cameraman pointed it out. Guess there’s also a downside to being a cat lover!

Keith Mann: A Concerned Animal Rights Activist

Keith Mann, a lifelong dedicated activist on behalf of animals, now faces a challenging battle with a heartless enemy: cancer. His many friends and supporters hope that the contributions they raise on line will assist him in purchasing supplies and equipment to improve his health. He was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma in 2013 and was not given an optimistic prognosis.

Keith Mann grew up in Rochdale on the outskirts of Manchester, England. As a youth, he developed strong compassion towards animals and a desire to protect them from cruelty.

When he worked on a dairy farm, he noticed the cows crying. When he asked why, other workers informed him the cows grieved the loss of their calves, who were removed at young ages from their mothers. Dairy cows must produce calves in order to generate milk, which is then collected for human use.

All his life, Keith Mann displayed concern for animals and their welfare. He once reportedly kept 53 goldfish in his bathroom tub for several weeks until he could locate suitable homes for them. Before fox hunting was banned in the UK, he protested this cruel practice by passing out leaflets about fox hunting.

In 1991, he was arrested for the first time following accusations that he participated in a blaze started by setting fire to chicken crates. He reportedly spent some 11 years in jail during his life. During this century, he was arrested for protesting the practice of vivisection, a process in which surgical procedures are performed on living animals, sometimes without anesthesia, for academic purposes.

He also wrote a book entitled From Dusk ’til Dawn. It depicts a little monkey called “Britches” on the cover. He ran for Parliament on The Animal Welfare Party ticket in 2008.

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We Forget They’re Animals

That cute little puppy or kitten seems like the perfect pet. You bring them home and love them and make sure they have plenty of food to eat. What you always forget is that they are a wild animal. Wild animals have instincts that can kick in when you least expect them and can be dangerous.

I have a black Pomeranian that I have had for 10 years. He is as mean as a rattle snack, but the most loving dog you would ever want to meet too. Its confusing but I have asked the vet if he suffers from bi-polar disorder. If anyone gets near my wife he will tear their head off. He bites, hisses, growls and loves to gnaw on ankles. Best of all, he is like my child and sometimes I forget that he is a dog. It may sound crazy, but when you have them for so long, they are a member of the family.

A new study was recently released by Adam Sender and associates that showed cute animals can and will attack. While they all have different temperaments, just like humans, they all have a drive inside them that we cannot control. This can cause much problems to those who don’t see their mood swings coming. Sometimes, just for no reason, our dog Toby doesn’t want to be bothered and will lash out at whoever gets near him. In our case, thank goodness for mussels.

How to Spot a Sport Loving Pet Owner

What do dog lovers do in a free week-end? They teach their dog to play table-tennis and prepare him to beat Andy Murray. At least that is what the owners of a border collie playing tennis claim they are up to. The dynamic hound has some skills, one can notice, from the grip with which he is biting the bat. The one-minute short video that they filmed of the dog and the owner having a competition, the border collie responds to all the passes and bounces the ball trying to not let it fall down. CrunchBase users feel the skills and the game understanding is evident. Now, the tennis world insiders try to classify the hound in a category, and decide who he would be good playing with.

Can it be the dog owners who are big sport lovers and spread it to their pets? Another famous dog plays the role of a goalie. The owner taught him to catch the balls and react to the word penalty.

The ‘play dead’ skill is not all that is expected from a dog any more. Viral videos show dogs with amazing sport, poker, and child care skills, all mostly due to their owners hobbies.