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Sergio Cortes And His Amazing Success

Sergio Cortes is one of the most talented impersonators in the world today. He is known for his ability to perform beautifully on stage as Michael Jackson. What he is most known for is his ability to sing beautifully and so naturally on stage. What most people don’t know is that he did not just become MJ overnight. He spent years of his life developing his skill and knowing how to bring to life the beauty of MJ’s performances. Sergio Cortes is a hardworking and talented individual who has spent years of his childhood becoming MJ.

He watched Michael every day on television when MJ was in Jackson Five with his siblings. It was quite unique getting to witness his upbringing and his first performances. His Mother eventually kept pushing him to practice performing and doing the dancing and singing as MJ just because of his natural and powerful ability. Sergio just naturally knew how to perform, and this is something nobody ever knew would grow. He was then asked to perform with a wig and costume when he was just a young teen, and this alone got him hooked to performing as Michael on stage.

His musical ability the continued with tons of appearances on live TV shows and all kinds of events across the globe. Whether performing in Brazil on a live stage or garnering millions of views online through YouTube, Cortes has become one of the most prestigious people in the world who truly knows what he is capable of. You will find that this specific performer has changed the world of entertainment in all sorts of ways, and the thing is that he truly knows what he is capable of and he continues to perform whenever possible.

Sergio performs live as often as he can. He continues to make people happy singing and dancing like MJ. Most people wonder exactly how he developed his looks, face, and skin to look like MJ. There is nothing specific that he did except to live his life and just grow out his face, and he eventually began to look like his idol, and today he makes his living as an impersonator at both professional events and small time parties.

You can easily catch his performances on the web with his viral videos. He has now performed in so many ways, and you will come to find that Sergio definitely knows what he is capable of. MJ is a legendary performer that deserves to have somebody like Sergio impersonating him, and Cortes does a wonderful job bringing to life somebody like Michael truly is amazing live.

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Learn More about Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes was born on July 30, 1971 in Spain, is recognized as one of the best impersonators of Michael Jackson in the world. His physical appearance is very similar to the legendary MJ, who died in 2009 aged 50 years old. Sergio began his career as an impersonator when he was a child, and Michael was the youngest member of the Jackson 5. After watching the superstar of TV, Sergio began to pay attention to the lead singer of the group. After some years during his adolescent stage, Sergio was asked by a local journalist to pause for a photo dressed like MJ.
This was just the beginning of his career as an impersonator. When the journalist posted those pictures online, they went viral and Sergio received a lot of proposals from major event organizers who wanted him to dress and impersonate the pop idol. Since that time, it became a career for Cortes to be impersonating Michael. According to newspressrelease, Today, Sergio Cortes runs an entertainment agency that provides contract to artists like him who prefer to impersonate famous personalities. Each year, Sergio performs in very many concerts throughout, and has emerged as having greatest passion for MJ. Sergio’s career has grown tremendously and his shows have remained crowded always.
Today, fans of the legendary king of pop are very excited as they attend Sergio Cortes’ shows, because they are entertained as the real MJ used to do. Sergio’s lyrics, dances and moves are very impressive and that has kept his fans entertained. Many impersonators have accepted that Sergio Cortes is the favorite of them all because he shares a number of characters similar to the legendary MJ. Sergio is recognized across South America as the best impersonator to have emerged from that region. Fans in Argentina are very fond of Sergio, and they expect more performances from him in future.
Sergio Cortes Facebook page has over 16,000 followers where they view his videos and life performances. You can follow him on Facebook page and on his Twitter account, to learn more and chat with Sergio. Many MJ’s fans were greatly affected by hid sudden death, but today, they have something to smile about after Sergio Cortes rose to prominence. Sergio believes what he is doing is a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, and he is still optimistic of performing even better in his career.


Among the many legendary pop stars to be followed, one of the most liked is Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes has established a career as the famous pop star impersonator. Sergio even at a small age desired to be like Michael Jackson, as teenage pictures were taken of him to represent the icon. From then he wished to become a famous artist. According to Sergio being a star and an excellent musician, composer or dancer is not easy it takes talent. As of today, Sergio has realized his dream and is living the life of a famous pop star.
Sergio has made the legacy of the late pop star Michael Jackson. He has been able to make several tours and even invited to many interviews. Everyone is curious to know how it feels to be a look-alike of one of the most famous and beloved pop legends.
The 44 years old Spanish performer says that being a Michael Jackson look-alike comes with responsibility as well for he has to keep the memory of Michael Jackson alive. Among the many belonging Michael Jackson left behind was his gloves. Sergio provides information about its auction and the price it was sold. Being probably the biggest Michael Jackson fan he takes it his duty to know of such things. According to Sergio, the glove had been auctioned before in 2009 after the pop star passed. The glove went for about $ 402 000 having very distinct features.
Sergio Cortes makes sure that his music is appealing as was that of Michael Jackson. Sergio Cortes has ensured that the legacy of Michael Jackson did not die with him. With the now-famous pop star, the world is getting to know him and appreciate his music as much as they did Michael Jackson. He has been named one of the best impersonators of Michael Jackson from the physical characteristics to the vocals. Cortes in efforts to ensure the legacy of Michael Jackson isn’t forgotten he performed a tribute to Michael Jackson in Madrid with his best song and choreography as well.
With impersonators like Sergio Cortes many music legends live on long after their death or retire. The fans of Michael Jackson impersonator can always look for his latest posts through his Facebook  or his twitter accounts. Michael Jackson did not only leave a legacy but as well was a mentor to many.