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Jorge Moll the Passionate Neurologist

Jorge Moll, a remarkable neurologist, graduated from federal University in 1994, an institution in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. In 1997 he pursued Neurology residency in the same medical institution. He later achieved a Ph.D. from the University of Sau Paulo in the fields of Experimental Pathophysiology under the faculty of medicine. Moll kept on striving and joined National Institute of Health, where he did his post-doctorate research. Later on, he continued his study at Bethesda USA where he pursued Cognitive Neuroscience section. Moll is the president and director of D’or institute for Research and Education in Rio De Janeiro. He is also the leader of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit.

Moll is enthusiastic in assisting people who suffer from conditions that hurt their quality of life. He is passionate about cultivating education, world-class research, and healthcare. During an interview, Moll says that he spends most of his time talking and sharing ideas with students, associates, researchers, and scientists covering various topics on health matters. He further says that he is also interested in the new developments in gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Moll also indicates his passion for artificial intelligence, cognitive systems and also how machines can work together with brains for improved and better results.

The renowned neurologist also expresses his interest in neural mechanism and psychological mechanisms governing human social and human interests and preferences and how they are shaped morally by values and modified by culture, experience, and neurotechnological experience. Moll also aspires to handle more significant challenges that give the ability to pursue high-risk and long-term ideas (

Moll advises the younger generation who aspires to be like him, that the best way to be productive is to be skillful, transparent, and open. He also urged not to hold ideas for too long without putting them into actions. Moll also cautions that it is imperative and critical to question the ideas before putting them into a work plan. Jorge Moll says he has a passionate belief that our realities can be changed to create a positive impact on our lives and medical fields by merely doing what we are excited about.