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Brazil Offers a Blaze of Authors

Writers the world over make a difference in the loves of their reading audiences. Whether fiction or non-fiction, the impact on the social fabric, economic understanding, and popular culture of both today and times gone by can make an impression on society and leave record for current and future generations. Brazil is no exception. As a country, Brazil has had its share of expert authors. Just as the United States has lots of offerings, Brazilian writers are adding relevant content that will tell its stories for generations yet to come. Here are a few of the top movers and shakers in the field of writing in Brazil, and these writers have addressed not only Brazilian culture, but they have also offered insights into various time periods, and societal hierarchies. As far as writers go, five, among others, are worth mentioning here.

Among these must be included the Brazilian writer Paulo Lins. Lins addresses those living below societal policies in his book, City of God. a novel in which he has explored a world without moral absolutes and with a lack of material items being used appropriately. Another Brazilian writer worth noting is Jorge Amado who has written, “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands.” In this, he writes about a widow who is being taken care of by both of her husbands, one who is dead and one who is still living. Amado teaches about Brazilian culture through his writing in this work. These two offer interesting perspectives on cultural considerations.

For Brazilian history, Machado de Assis uses his writing ability to share with readers the intricacies of Brazilian life in the 1800s and early 1900s. He also uses his writing to enlighten the writer on the transition in Brail from a farm economy to a capitalistic one. Then you have social writer Gilberto Freyre who focuses on the dynamics in this realm and uses his writing to relate the rules of various economic and racial components and their interaction. Each of these writers have impacted the Brazilian landscape with their written words.

As far as fiction writing is concerned, one quality producer is Jamie Garcia Dias.
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Dias may have followed in his father’s footsteps, as he is also a wrter. Dias has been both a student of literature and a teacher. As an educator, he worked hard to help younger writers to gain insights. As far as Dias the writer himself is concerned, he has written twenty books, including ten of them before he turned 30 years of age. So, it is no wonder that Dias won an award known as the White Crane in 2001. Overall, Brazil writers have great depth.