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Interesting Facts about David McDonald and his career

David McDonald serves as the CEO and the president of OSI Group, LLC. David also worked as the OSI Industries Project Manager. He is also the North American Meat Institute Chairman and a member of the board of trustees of OSI Group. Mr. Donald is currently serving as the ISO international foods Pty Limited director.

Raised and born on a farm in the Northeast Iowa, Mr. David graduated in 1987 from the Lowa State University. David is the recipient of the outstanding senior award known as Wallace E. Barron and has an Animal Science Bachelor’s degree. Upon graduating, he started career at OSI industries and grew his knowledge and skills to become the chief operating officer and the president.

Due to his interest in using resources to impact Lowa University, David is active in the initiative of Agricultural Entrepreneurship. In 2011, he arranged an OSI facilities visit for some students who are currently employed at the OSI Company. Additionally, OSI helps students to gain experience by giving them internship opportunities.

McDonald has supported his fraternity of Alpha Gamma Rho through funding in the form of scholarship. When creating fundraising campaign for the AGR house of Lowa state, David was among the first to support it. Furthermore, Donald has played a significant role in Marvin J. Walter naming which is an AGR Fraternity Arena in brand new Deb and Jeff Hansen Agriculture learning center for students.

Apart from his dedicated involvement in Lowa State, David allocates some of his time to St. Michael parish located in Wheaton III. Donald is currently serving as the chairman for a firm known as American Meat Institute. In 2004, David was awarded ‘Young Alumni Award’ for the ISU Alumni Associations which marked a gratifying kind of relationship with that association. David and his wife Malinda have been blessed with six children. His first two children are currently studying at Lowa State while the remaining four are likely to join the university later.

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Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group CEO


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, has built quite the reputation for himself over the course of his storied career. Today OSI Group includes several companies, including OSI Industries, LLC, OSI International Foods, LLC, and OSI International, Inc. While he is most widely known for his role as the head of OSI Group, he got his start in the world of business by taking a very different avenue. Sheldon Lavin began his career as an investor, also garnering a solid resume as a banking executive, all while heading his own financial consulting firm. Prior to beginning his career in the meat industry, Mr. Lavin was considered an outsider. OSI Group was initially known for its working partnership with another food industry powerhouse, McDonald’s. The relationship between OSI Group and McDonald’s was, for the majority of its existence, strong enough to keep the company growing steadily on a year to year basis, but it was under the guidance of Mr. Lavin, who used his acute business acumen to create a greater business portfolio for the company, that OSI Group became the dominant industry fixture that it is today. Read More.

Today, OSI Group has over 20,000 employees across the world and continues to grow. Sheldon Lavin sites the family-oriented culture that he has cultivated during his time as Chairman and CEO, as the major reason for OSI Group’s maintained dominance in the industry. According to Mr. Lavin, OSI Group has a very low turnover rate and the majority of its employees seem to be in t for the long haul. As people are one Mr. Lavin’s passions, the steadiness of OSI Group and its employee morale is a direct reflection of this. OSI Group is currently an international company with strong business ties with industry titans across the world, having nearly 60 offices and facilities in almost 20 countries across the globe. Aside from his successes in the business world, Mr. Lavin is also well-known for his philanthropic efforts and has received a myriad of awards personally, as well as for OSI Group. for more.