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How WEN by Chaz Begins Improving Hair with the First Application

After seeing the advertisements about how well WEN by Chaz gave women beautiful luxurious hair, one young woman decided to see for herself if the product would perform the way the commercials claimed. She chose to keep track of the condition of her hair by writing down what she experienced while using the product every day for one week. She then compiled her information into an article she posted on Bustle. Her article starts out by informing readers that she is a hair care fanatic. She is hoping the product will improve the condition of her fine, thin hair.

Since she wanted to perform an accurate test on the WEN cleansing conditioner, the young woman used the amount of product indicated on the label even though it was in excess of what she would normally have used. She further writes about the poor condition her hair was in after a day of traveling on different modes of transportation. As she massaged WEN into her scalp she began to feel the condition of her hair improve in volume, while also noticing fewer hairs in her drain.

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A Restorative Cleansing System

The WEN line of products were created as a complete cleansing system by hair care specialist Chaz Dean. Having worked as a hair stylist in an elite salon, Mr. Dean had first hand experience with the hair issues many people tried to deal with. Not only did Chaz Dean create a more comprehensive cleansing system, he also designed a product that could help repair damaged hair.

The Wen cleansing conditioners are made using an array of natural plant extracts. These extracts have been shown to help soothe hair to get rid of frizz as well as add shine and manageability. Each variety of WEN contains ingredients that are specific to what the formula is designed to improve. Wen products are Sephora available and can be ordered online through Amazon. For more info, visit the Wensite,

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Check Out The News From US Money Reserve

Getting To Know The Facts

Not everyone knows about US Money Reserve, but they are definitely impacted by their actions. In fact, US Money Reserve is statistically the biggest and most successful dealer and distributor of precious metals. The United States works with the US Money Reserve to release these metals. The metals are of silver, gold or platinum origin, and they are officially government issued coins. The reason why it is important to stay up to date on what the US Money Reserve does is because these professionals in currency evaluations make special announcements regarding what changes are expected to occur with the United States in terms of currency. In fact, the US Money Reserve actually employs a plethora of industry professionals, including over 100 people who specialize in currency evaluation.

Recent Changes In Currency Evaluation

The President of US Money Reserve actually appeared on CNBC. He took the time to make a special announcement on the show Squawkbox, in which he discussed the possible future of one of the United States’ pieces of currency. The piece of currency that may be discontinued is the penny. The President, Phillip Diehl, admitted that the penny is of low value in comparison to the actual cost incurred in the production of the coin. He even goes as far as to tell people that it isn’t worth their time to pick the coin up if they are to see one on the ground.

It was interesting to hear his reactions to other view points, also. The reaction that was most memorable was when he spoke to what Andrew Sorkin had to say about the removal of the penny. Andrew Sorkin tells people that removing the penny will cause some disruption of America’s financial system, including inflation and distorted prices. President Diehl’s stance on this is that there is no issue because of the influx of electronic transactions as of late. Lately, there have been upwards of 75 percent of the transactions in the US completed through electronic means.

President Diehl goes on to say that the business owners will likely react to the change by rounding their prices in favor of the consumer’s pocket to show a courtesy to their customers.