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FreedomPop’s Affordable Service Expanding Internationally

FreedomPop, a sensation among mobile service providers is expanding its services to the UK. People in the kingdom are going to be able to experience the advantage of having very affordable mobile services. FreedomPop is known for its free package. Even though the amount of minutes and data is small, it is still a good deal for people that do not use their data all that much. Also, the other service plans are more affordable than any other service plan that a provider offers. This is what contributes to the ever growing popularity of the service provider that is buying its data wholesale from Sprint.

The setup of service in the UK is the first step of an expansion plan for FreedomPop. For the UK, people have to pay just a one time setup fee. With the free monthly service, one gets 200 texts, 200 minutes and 200 MB of data. That is pretty good for a free service. Fortunately, users can also pay for more service. Fortunately, there are other ways that one can earn more service. He can complete surveys. Each survey he completes will reward him with more minutes. In this case, even people that are very low on money can still pay for service.

This service is proving to be a very worthwhile service for people that are on a budget. In order to take advantage of the services, one needs to have a phone that is optimized for use with FreedomPop. As of right now, there are a few devices that are able to be used for FreedomPop services. They are older devices which include a refurbished tablet. One could also use an older Sprint device. Fortunately, as FreedomPop grows, more products will be added to the service.

FreedomPop is doing big business for people that are looking for a way to keep in touch without paying tons of big bucks for service. Even though mobile services are starting to get more affordable, FreedomPop out does them all. More people that are learning about this service are starting to sign up and save money for what it has to offer. They are switching from their old service providers due to not only a more affordable deal, but a more honest description of the deal. There are no sudden tricks or catches in the deal that FreedomPop offers. They give what they say they will give.

Facts About FreedomPop’s UK Debut

FreedomPop is the communications company that turned the mobile phone world on its head when it introduced its premium free service in the US. In recent months, the company has been expanding its services to the global arena with its free data, text and voice packages. After partnering with Dutch carrier, KPN, the company is expected to expand to countries like Germany, UK, Spain as well as France.

The company announced its free mobile launch in the UK and has already began contacting those who had signed up so as to get more details. The company describes the first stage as an alpha test that will help it collect feedback from users early as it prepares to make an official launch later.

FreedomPop has also went ahead to reveal its subscriber plans. Just like in America, the free offer will come accompanied by 200 minutes, 200 free text messages as well as 200MB of data. The company will also offer a Premium 1GB plan worth £9 monthly that will come accompanied by 1000 text messages, 1GB of data and free voicemail. The other Premium package worth £18 will come accompanied by 2GB of data, 2000 text messages and unlimited calls.

According to Digital Trends, it is not yet clear whether the service is going to be 4G LTE. FreedomPop is well known because it does not give penalties for those that use more data than allocated rather it charges one penny per excess MB used. The company also has a unique feature that in the event that a customer has a lot of data rolled up, he can share it with other friends connected in the network. Alpha users are also given the unique ability to choose their telephone numbers from a small list provided.

The company’s Co-Founder is optimistic that the company will roll out its low-cost mobile phone services to every country in the world. He says the company’s success triggered international carriers who are ready to merge with it to continue providing the service. Within the next few years, the company plans to venture in eight different markets with improved packages.

The company’s packages are an attractive deal for users who do not use their smartphones too much and who want to check their emails, make a few calls and send a few texts. In America, the company gives users 200 minutes of free voice data, 200 free text messages as well as 200MB every month.

FreedomPop: Free Mobile Services Provider

FreedomPop, a mobile phone provider offering free calls, texts, and data has decided to spread its wings in the UK.

The CEO and Co-founder, Stephen Stokols, asserted that the free tier will cover 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data. On top of this, users will be allowed free international calls to a total of 60 countries as well as free unlimited texts and calls to other FreedomPop subscribers.

Subscribers can also purchase more services and allowances. An example is when a user wants another phone number that is tied with his/her other number. In addition, those who would want to surpass the free data, texts, and calls will also have to pay.

The service will be fully launched after the trial period, during summer.

This comes at a time when FreedomPop is almost reaching 1 million customers in the U.S.
The U.S service was launched back in the year 2012. Only about half of the total subscribers pay for the services above the free offers. In order to earn profits, the company only requires payment from 30% of customers.

FreedomPop also looks to introduce a JetSetter SIM. This will offer free data across the world starting from Europe. This whole package will include free data worth 100MB. The paid plans will be priced at $10.

Kazaa and Skype have also backed Jetsetter. Although the UK service is the first to launch, Jetsetter has announced that it will partner with other European service providers. These operators include T-Mobile and KPN.

Some people have doubted the possibility of these services. The question is how will FreedomPop make money? Simple. It will sell you extras. This is a case similar with how freemium apps operate.
As opposed to other operators who purchase data, messages, and minutes from carriers in bulk, FreedomPop only buys data and uses it for all its services. Moreover, it only pays for the amount of data it uses.

FreedomPop will make use of the infrastructure of another UK network for the provision of its services. This is just similar to the Carphone and Giffgaff iD network. FreedomPop will partner with Three. It has also given an outline that will guide users on the type of coverages that are available in their areas after which they will sign up.

It is also a good thing that FreedomPop will work on all android and iOS devices.