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Jeremy Goldstein: Making Lawyer Searches Easier

Why is it so hard to find a good lawyer? Honestly, there are countless commercials and billboard ads promoting great lawyers, but their schedules are usually full or they’re not as great as advertised. In many places, finding the right lawyer still means searching endlessly. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

New York residents no longer have to worry about searching endlessly. They have the Lawyer Referral and Information Service on their side. The New York State Bar Association established the LRIS as a way of helping resident find the right lawyer easier. The LRIS has many services to help people find the lawyer they need, regardless of their legal issue.

The most popular service is their recently launched online portal. As technology continues to consume everyone’s daily lives, it only made sense that the LRIS launched an online option. The new online option is available all hours of the day.

Unlike the old phone service, the online service only required one quick step. The old phone service is still available, and their staff has been trained to handle more than 10,000 calls. If someone chooses the online option, all they’ll have to do is fill out a confidential questionnaire. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Medium

The questionnaire is along the lines of the questions they ask people over the phone. They use the questionnaire to determine which lawyer is best for that individual. The questionnaire asks about the legal issue and for the individual’s location. Once the questionnaire is submitted, they’ll be matched with a local attorney in a timely manner.

If they decide to meet that attorney, there’s a first-time fee of $35 for the 30-minute consultation. Anything beyond the first consultation, the lawyer’s usual fees will start to apply. It is important to note that there are no obligations and the referrals are free.

If someone’s looking for advice on compensation or employee benefits, the best lawyer for them is Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein has over 15 years experience dealing with executive compensation and corporate governance. There’s a strong chance that anyone using the LRIS’s services won’t be matched with Jeremy Goldstein.

Before he established his own law firm, Jeremy Goldstein worked as a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, & Katz. He started working there shortly after passing the New York State Bar and graduating from college.