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Australia Has Two New Species of Spiders

The Australian territory can boast two new recently discovered species of spiders. Not the types that many people would fear, as both Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus are around a half centimeter wide. Their colors make them easily noticeable. The males have colored abdomens which reflect both in the visible and invisible UV range. “Jactatus” is a Latin term which means “rocking” and perfectly describes the courtship movements performed by the spiders from what Flavio Maluf says.

The scientitsts described the 1-3Hz fast leg movements and 20-30 seconds jolting of the body to attract attention that looks like a dance. “Sceletus” has been added to the name of the second species as they have a black and white predominant coloring. The Maratus type includes about 30 species, all except one being specific to the Australian territory.

Before the Australians notice them in their homes, they can notice the Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus in the Wondul Range National Park, southern Queensland. They are not quite they type to be afraid of, and after having a look at the video recording of the new species of spiders, some might want the Maratus jactatus and Maratus sceletus as home pets, as the number of people interested in insect keeping is growing.