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Pets Bring About Good Health

You might be struggling with the decision of whether or not you want pets in your home. It seems that everyone who decides to become a first time pet owner first needs to go through the struggle of deciding if they want a pet or not. Did you know that there could be good health benefits that come from the owning of a pet? Did you know that welcoming a pet into your home could lead to better health for yourself?

It seems that having a pet in the home can lead to health benefits, and the pet can really make a difference in your life says Ivan Ong. Those who own pets are said to receive benefits from those pets when it comes to their physical and emotional health. Pets encourage their owners to be active and they are there for their owners when those individuals are feeling down. It seems that the decision to own a pet can be a good one for those who are looking to improve their health and look out for their body.

Cat Wets Itself All Over It’s Model Owner

Holly Meowy, who is a beautiful blonde haired model, she has let her love for cats be known. TMZ recently caught up with the model on the streets, and she was holding a cat that was dressed all in pink. The white cat was dressed in a furry pink get up, and she was holding onto the cat for dear life. Meowy. While interviewing Holly, she decided to stop on the side of a building and speak with TMZ. Holly states that she has been a cat person for many years, but she’s not a hoarder, and she’s not a crazy cat person.

Holly states that she has up to 20 cats at a time, and she’s been rescuing cats for about 10 years now. The cat that she was holding was a rescue cat that she named Kevin Seawright, and she prides herself on the fact that she hopes to save cats from their previous owners. Holly is such a cat lover that she was actually wearing a set of cat ears while doing the interview as well as pull-up stockings with cat ears at the top of them.

Even the outfit that she donned looked similar to a cat costume for Halloween. The funniest part about the entire interview is that the cat peed all over her while she did her interview, and she didn’t realize it until the cameraman pointed it out. Guess there’s also a downside to being a cat lover!