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Sergio Cortes And His Amazing Success

Sergio Cortes is one of the most talented impersonators in the world today. He is known for his ability to perform beautifully on stage as Michael Jackson. What he is most known for is his ability to sing beautifully and so naturally on stage. What most people don’t know is that he did not just become MJ overnight. He spent years of his life developing his skill and knowing how to bring to life the beauty of MJ’s performances. Sergio Cortes is a hardworking and talented individual who has spent years of his childhood becoming MJ.

He watched Michael every day on television when MJ was in Jackson Five with his siblings. It was quite unique getting to witness his upbringing and his first performances. His Mother eventually kept pushing him to practice performing and doing the dancing and singing as MJ just because of his natural and powerful ability. Sergio just naturally knew how to perform, and this is something nobody ever knew would grow. He was then asked to perform with a wig and costume when he was just a young teen, and this alone got him hooked to performing as Michael on stage.

His musical ability the continued with tons of appearances on live TV shows and all kinds of events across the globe. Whether performing in Brazil on a live stage or garnering millions of views online through YouTube, Cortes has become one of the most prestigious people in the world who truly knows what he is capable of. You will find that this specific performer has changed the world of entertainment in all sorts of ways, and the thing is that he truly knows what he is capable of and he continues to perform whenever possible.

Sergio performs live as often as he can. He continues to make people happy singing and dancing like MJ. Most people wonder exactly how he developed his looks, face, and skin to look like MJ. There is nothing specific that he did except to live his life and just grow out his face, and he eventually began to look like his idol, and today he makes his living as an impersonator at both professional events and small time parties.

You can easily catch his performances on the web with his viral videos. He has now performed in so many ways, and you will come to find that Sergio definitely knows what he is capable of. MJ is a legendary performer that deserves to have somebody like Sergio impersonating him, and Cortes does a wonderful job bringing to life somebody like Michael truly is amazing live.

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Sergio Cortes: Through Him, the King of Pop Lives On

Sergio Cortes Parra can be considered by most as the best impersonator alive. He is the man who resembles and idolizes the King of Pop, the late Michael Jackson.
Sergio Cortes Parra was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971, and he first came to know of MJ when he was a kid. At that time, Michael Jackson was still part of the Jackson Five and had not yet established his personal brand. It was later when Sergio was a teenager that Michael released Bad and started to attain international fame. A reporter asked Sergio to pose of pictures as Michael Jackson, and after these pictures were released to the world, many people thought it was Michael Jackson himself. The effect of the photos was relatively successful and opened up employment opportunities for the young Sergio.
Today, Cortes is managed by Destiny Projects, which works to develop and manage artistes.
Over the years, Cortes has practiced to refine his art and today he looks and sounds like the real MJ. He hosts concerts all around the world and performs MJ’s songs. The stadiums and halls seem to always be fully packed and attract a huge audience ranging from kids who did not get to listen to MJ to those who practically grew up with him.

Sergio says that he really takes the job of being MJ’s impersonator as a huge responsibility and special to him. He says that this is why he practices hard so that he can try and be the modern day Michael Jackson and deliver that experience to people. Many people have shown him support and have said that if Michael were alive, he would have been very proud of him.

He has embraced social media and is active on Facebook and Twitter. His Facebook page is filled with numerous pictures of him performing and at photo shoots. Fans flock to post pictures and express their admiration for him. He also posts regularly on YouTube for fans and audiences that may not be able to attend his shows.

Today, everywhere Cortes visits; people look at him with wonder and are astonished by what they say. He says that he always causes a commotion everywhere he goes as people gather up to see him.

Cortes has expressed his wish to perform in the United States, a region where he doesn’t have a huge following as he wish he had. So if you are in the US, you are in luck because Cortes wants to bring the Michael Jackson experience to you.