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Jose Borghi Explains How to Capitalize on a Market in Crisis

Many people shy away from the markets whenever there’s economic trouble. The markets become too volatile, and no one feels that his or her money is safe. However, experts like Jose Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, believe that the best strategy is to take advantage of the low market. Advertisers can see significant growth is they have a sound strategy. With a little bit of effort and a well-developed plan, any advertiser can turn a crisis into a profitable opportunity.

Whenever there’s economic crisis, the marketing department of a company is the first to experience the effects. Such chaos is still common in countries like Brazil. A common misconception is that marketing departments only aid the company in making money. In fact, marketers are responsible for boosting economic growth by convincing people to embrace the markets. When people aren’t spending money, the markets fluctuate and begin to decline. Without advertisers and marketing, all economies would shut down permanently. By convincing people that the economy is safe to participate in, advertisers encourage stability in volatile markets. Despite what people may think, marketers are one of the most important aspects of market stability.

For the past few years, Brazil has had a complicated economy. Brazil has fluctuations and declines like never before. However, Brazil is always able to bounce back and stay afloat. Last year, Brazil suffered from an all-time high-level inflation. With every decline of Brazil’s GDP, prices for products and services are greatly affected. To re-establish stability, marketing departments develop creative strategies that mitigate the effects of economic crisis.

Jose Borghi believes that the marketing department is the most fundamental department within a company. It’s responsible for analyzing the market situation and implementing contingencies to counteract possible periods of instability. The most important part of marketing is research and analysis. The marketing department needs to understand what the market is demanding. While directing the sales industry to maximize profits, it must also be aware of changing trends and pitfalls, to avoid wasting product investments. for more information.