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Brown Modeling Agency; Modeling for the Best

Want to have the time of your life while making money modeling? Brown Agency is the agency for you. The president of the agency, Justin Brown, has based the agency in Austin Texas. The mission of the agency is to commit to each individual model to help direct them, make them marketable, and to make each of them successful. This statement ensures that as a model for the agency, you will receive the best agents who will be committed to your growth in the industry. Justin is not only an advocate for models having multiple agents but he is also an advocate for models having fun while creating a career. The Brown agency specializes in fashion, commercial print, commercial, film and television. They also represent models and actors in industrial videos, voiceover, catalogue, runway, conventions, trade shows, promotional and corporate events. This agency is also great for people of all ages. They currently have young kids and adults working for the agency. If modeling is an interest to you, and you love to have fun, then you will love the 4th of July parties as well as launch parties.

If you are interested in modeling with this agency, you can attend open call any Thursday from 3 – 4 P.M. Just show up to 100 Congress Avenue Suit 100 with your resume, if you have one, and a few pictures (no need to take professional pictures your pictures will be fine). If you would like to let them know you are coming you can submit a form here. You can also follow them or check them out on Facebook here.