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Dr. Johanan Rand: NJ’s Top HRT Physician

The natural aging process affects hormones differently in men and women. Many people do not understand the importance of hormones and their benefits to the body until they begin to lose them. Doctor Johanan Rand, founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers of New Jersey, knows this, and takes a specialized approach to examining each individual’s symptoms before developing a comprehensive treatment plan ( Such plans many include supplementary support, diet and exercise changes, and bio-identical compound hormone replacement therapy.

In women, perimenopause and menopause cause a decline in the critical hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can further leave the body susceptible to a variety of diseases, from osteoporosis and heart disease to uterine or breast cancer. Maintaining the proper balance of these two hormones has been shown to protect women from these age-related diseases, as well as preventing vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, and urinary tract infections. Replacing these depleting hormones with bio-identical equivalents found in nature is a safer way to accomplish this. Dr. Rand is committed to using this natural technique and warns against the dangerous use of synthetic, chemically-derived hormone replacements, such as Premarin and Progestin.

The effects of aging on the male endocrine system differs from women and is characterized by the loss of testosterone. As testosterone levels decline, estrogen levels gradually increase and can lead to a condition known as Andropause. This process takes place more slowly than the hormonal decline in women, so symptoms may not be observed until later in life. In addition to Andropause, low testosterone levels have been shown to contribute to hypertension, obesity, and increased risk of heart disease. Men with low levels of testosterone and increased estrogen are also more likely to suffer heart attacks as well as coronary heart disease when compared to men with normal hormonal levels.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers are committed to providing patient’s with quality care than will improve their lives. With years of experience and a dedication to solid, peer-reviewed medical practices, Dr. Rand knows how to best identify his patients’ needs and develop a program to give them the most optimal results.