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The Lung Institute Succeeds in Treating Chronic Lung Disease Patients with Stem Cells

For years chronic lung disease patients suffered gaining little relief when it came to treating their problems. Often treatments targeted the symptoms, which did nothing for the disease itself. The disease often progressed, living patients housebound and unable to do the simplest of task. But the Lung Institute took treatments in another direction by developing the stem cell therapy.

This is a minimally invasive procedure that helps patients take back their life. The treatment involves two methods in how it is delivered to the patient. It could be done by IV over a course of two days, or by bone marrow aspiration and then redelivered back into the body. The IV method consists of drawing blood and separating the cells from the other cells. Once done, it is reintroduced back into the body via IV. The second method is by aspirating bone marrow and separating the cells. With this method, you get a higher concentration of adult stem cells and the success rate is much higher. Once the cells are separated, the stem cells are reintroduced back into the body via IV.

According to their YouTube channel, how this treatment works is that the stem cells that are delivered back into the body via IV, goes straight to the right side of the heart. After a beat or two of the heart, it delivers the stem cells into the lungs. The pulmonary trap secures them in place and they start the regeneration process.

The Lung Institute is a treatment facility whose main goal is to improve the quality of life for patients that suffer from chronic lung diseases. They treat pulmonary diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, pneumoconiosis, bronchiectasis, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. They developed a stem cell therapy treatment regiment that has helped many long time sufferers of lung disease. After having treated over 3,000 patients, their success rate is over 70 percent in improving the quality of life for others. See,

The Lung Institute treatments use the stem cells that are taken from the patient’s body. According to, this makes their treatments safe because it is all natural. It doesn’t involve the harsh side effects that traditional medications and treatments give.