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SahmAdrangi Is Doing The Public A Service By Exposing Fraudulent Companies

SahmAdrangi is the founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management, and has been actively involved with the company since its inception in 2009. While the company was started up with just $1 million, Adrangi has managed to build it into a $150 million company. Now, he has started a Co-investment fund on the side and plans to use it to short a stock that has yet to be revealed. When asked about this new happening, he commented that he was able to raise good amount of money in a short amount of time and that this points to willingness of alternative investors to move ahead with the plan.

In the past, SahmAdrangi become well-known by pointing out companies that were acting fraudulently, and a couple of these companies were China-Biotics and Lihua International. The Securities and Exchange Commission were forced to take action against many of companies that Adrangi exposed, and he continues, through Kerrisdale, to share information related to biotechnology companies. Of late, SahmAdrangi has also made some mining companies his focus by doubting their value on the market. This has opened eyes of many people, and he has become a voice that is trusted and respected in his industry.

SahmAdrangi earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics while studying at Yale University and then went on to begin his career as an investment banker. His first job was with Longacre Management, and he worked with the billion dollar company for many years. After this, he moved on and served with Deutsche Bank where he was an advisor for creditor committees. He also worked with customers on loans that helped them to pay off other debts while at Deutsche.

SahmAdrangi is a highly-sought after speaker who has appeared at a spread of conferences, such as, the Distressed Debt Investing Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Value Investing Conference, the Value Investing Conference. He has also been invited to be a part of many different interviews on television and in print. Just a few of the well-known places that Adrangi has been featured on include the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

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Nabors Industries under the leadership of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the most decorated CEO of Nabors Industries, an oil and natural gas drilling company. It has its offices in Hamilton, Texas. Since he took over as the CEO of the firm, the company’s fortunes have turned around in a big way. Its operations to have gone global, and the number of workers employed has also improved. Currently, the company employs about 30,000 employees. The number continues to grow every year as more and more drilling deals continue to be struck between Nabors and various governments and companies across the globe. Nabors have a presence in several regions including Africa, Far East, Middle East and America.

Anthony Petrello has provided unrivaled leadership since he took over, that has seen the firm become not only big in the American market, but the biggest there is in the world. Under his leadership, the company has been performing exceptionally well. He has pushed the firm to the point that it is the dominant company in the globe. Its service delivery to clients have been epic, and this has created a good reputation for them. Petrello has also invested heavily in remunerating his workers handsomely. This has created adequate morale to the workers who have remained devoted to their work. Under, the leadership of Anthony Petrello the firm has been able to grow steadily even at times when the mining industry was hit by economic crises.

Nabors Industries was created in 1968, then called Anglo Energy. Anthony Petrello joined the firm in 1991 after leaving a law firm to become the chief operating officer of Nabors. Petrello was picked by the managers of Nabors after they identified proficient skills in him to handle decision-making tasks while working for a law affirm in New York. After his appointment as the COO, he demonstrated leadership and management skills that were above board. This led to another board of management decision to appoint him as the president of the company. He would later be appointed the chairman, a position he held for ten years, from 2002-2012, when he dropped it to become the CEO.

After serving in the company for quite a long time, it was his turn in 2012 to be appointed the CEO, a position he gladly welcomed. Over the years he had learned everything there was to learn about the oil and natural gases drilling industry. All that was remaining was to execute his plans that would make the company better than he found it

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