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Brian Mulligan, One of the Most Successful Media Executives of All Time

Brian Mulligan, the CEO of Brooknol Advisors, a media, entertainment, and sports advisory company, is a successful American business executive. Mr. Brian Mulligan has been CEO of Brooknol Advisors for over seven years as of September, 2015. Mr. Brian Mulligan earned his BSBA and BBA from the University of Southern California, and his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management. Throughout his career, he has been involved in more than $175 billion worth media deals. Mr. Mulligan served as Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance from 1995 to 1998, and Executive Vice President of Operations and Finance and Financial Controller from 1998 to 1999, all at Universal Studios Inc. Mr. Brian Mulligan’s work history is far more extensive than provided, and nothing short of what aspiring businesspeople dream of accomplishing.

Mr. Brian Mulligan has earned a number of awards, some of which include “One of the 50 Most Powerful People in Hollywood” by Premiere Magazine, “One of the Leading Investment Bankers on Emerging Business Models” by TMT Quarterly/Law 360, and “One of the Ten Most Prominent Bankers in Hollywood” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Most people will never earn awards as prestigious as he has, but Mr. Mulligan’s awards do not truly represent how astute he is.

As if Mr. Mulligan’s resume cannot get any more incredulous, he has been involved with philanthropy, as well. “A Better LA” raised more than $85 million for schooling. He is currently involved with the following charities: MCA PAC Democratic and Republican Supporters of the Arts, Media and Entertainment Industry, City of Hope, and St. Jude, to name a few of his affiliates. Mr. Brian Mulligan has been active in youth sporting organizations: he has coached football, travel basketball, and was commissioner of several basketball leagues.

Outside of the business world, Mr. Brian Mulligan is quite active, believe it or not. It seems as if this man never gets tired or loses his ambition, both of which are very desirable qualities. He has blogs on his website, and is a sports writer, for fun. Mr. Mulligan also enjoys reading the bible, according to his blog.