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EOS Lip Balm Taking it Up Another Notch

There are several ways companies attract new customers and make the regular ones interested in their product time and time again. There is social media campaigning which brings people in since the modern user of a lip balm is sophisticated. They also apparently know what they want from their favourite brands. However, one of the most efficient ways is to release a new product and create as much hype around the launch as possible. It will draw people in out of curiosity if not with anything else. Proceed to to read more related stories.

EOS Lip Balm is well known for most users as a round lip balm in popping colours.

They will now offer their regular and new customers a crystal clear version of their popular lip balms. They revamped the little pod the lip balm sits in too, so it matches the new style.

It is a wax-free alternative, expanding their products to vegan-friendly. The new product will have two possible flavour options. Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. This is one of the most stylish lip balms out there, and it doesn’t break the bank.

By packing five essential oils into the new product, it will also be beneficial for your health. Keep your lips moist, avoid them cracking and look gorgeous while doing so.

Making the product vegan-friendly is also important because it will open the product to a whole new customer base. People are more interested in a product free from animal cruelty and vegan-friendly more than ever before, see products here.

Using a lip balm will allow your skin to heal faster since it is thinner on your lips than anywhere else on your face. It will also make your lips look gorgeous in the process. It is important to use a lip balm in hot or cold conditions since they are not always skin-friendly and can damage your skin. Using an EOS Lip, you can protect your lips. Go to and buy your favorite lip balm.

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