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The Decadent And Amazing Flavors Available In The EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balms have been on the market for ten years providing new and delightful flavors for consumers. They are available at trendy retailers including Sephora and Urban Outfitters as well as popular stores such as Walmart and Target. When Goldman Sachs put a list together of the most popular brands of lip balms, EOS received a high ranking. Teen Vogue reported the product had become quite popular with fashion conscious girls ranking in age from 13 to 29. One of the companies spokespersons was Kim Kardashian who raved about the product.

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The initials EOS are an acronym for evolution of smooth and they are manufactured under a private brand. The only lip balm in America ahead of EOS in popularity is Burt’s Bees. The product is unique and comes packages in a delightful round case. The packaging is extremely colorful and draws the eye. EOS lip balms are 95 percent organic and free of paraben, read more. Their incredible popularity has caused music videos to feature EOS lip balms and they are known for their smoothness and amazing flavors.

EOS lip balms are an all natural treat for your lips and provide moisture and decadent flavors. Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez have a preference for the honeysuckle honeydew flavor. The sweetness of the fruit explodes when you use the lip balm and is extremely appealing to the senses. You can never go wrong with the classic flavors of peach, strawberry, and blueberry. The peach has a scintillating flavor and lovely sweetness while the strawberry and blueberry have the perfect combination of delicious fruit flavors combined with the authenticity of the actual berries. For those a little more adventurous with their fruits the blueberry acai, passion fruit, and pomegranate raspberry provide a combination of flavors that are unique and absolutely delicious. The sweet mint is reminiscient of a breath of fresh air and the strawberry sorbet positively sizzles with sweet flavor.

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