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Stream Energy Gets Top 20 Spot on DSA’s Best List

Energy mogul, Stream Energy, just received its due recognition for being a successful profit maker. The Direct Selling Association just recognized the company in the DSA’s top 20 list of businesses. This honor only goes to member businesses that have earned enough profits throughout the previous year. Stream had done extremely well for the year and had also grossed more than $8 billion since the time it opened in 2005.

Larry Mondry was delighted to receive the honor. He said that he was proud of everyone who played a part in Stream’s success, including the customers who purchased their products and services. Stream was not new to receiving such awards. In fact, this was their fourth time obtaining recognition for their sales numbers. Mondry was proud that the team continued to strive for the best and never let its momentum go down through it all.

Joseph Mariano is the president oof the DSA, and he felt that what Stream accomplished was magnificent. He did comment on the honor that his organization issued to Stream in his speech. He said that Stream is a true leader because of the way that they generate sales. He recognized that sales is a craft that has to be seasoned to perfection for people to buy rproducts and services. If not, it just doesn’t work. Mariano recognized Stream as an example of an industry leader and said that he was honered to give such recognition to a company like that.


About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a longstanding provider of a suite of connected life services, refer also to its page for more updates. Some of the products they offer are energy services, mobile phone plans, home services and protection services. Their suite of services also includes virtual MD service, which is service that connects people to medical professionals online so they don’t have to go into an office.

Stream’s headquarters is currently in Dallas, Texas, and Larry Mondry is the current company CEO, see more. Stream provides services in eight states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinoise and Delaware. The company will continue to expand into new states and grow its service packages.

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