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Banco BMG under Ricardo Guimaraes

The article “BMG makes changes in the bank’s direction”, discusses the new management takeover in the Banco BMG. The bank entered into a new collaborative venture with the Itau Unibanco to take the bank towards a new direction. The new venture would remove the Pentagna Guimaraes family from the management to the shareholder’s council. The Pentegna Guimaraes family will concentrate with the shareholder’s council and let the professionals take over the management of the company. The new venture would also see the bank double its payroll portfolio while also eliminating the products that are of no value to the institution’s business operations.

Among the new changes, including the removal of the owner, Flavio Pentegna Guimaraes as the board chairperson. The former trade minister and Brazilian Federation of Banks Mr. Alcides Lopes Tapias would occupy the position of the board chair. Ricardo Annes would pass the position of the executive presidency to Antonio Hermann. Mr. Antonio served as the president of The Brazilian Association of Banks, director of Febraban and Acrefi. With these new changes, the BMG is in the right direction towards maintaining its leadership position in payroll lending.

The new management in place has made it their priority to ensure that they maintain the BMG’s top position and even improve the institution’s position in the region. What remains before the implementation of these changes is the approval of both Mr. Antonio Herman and Mr. Alcides Lopes Tapia by the shareholder’s council.The new management would seek new strategies for attaining bigger payroll loan portfolio.

About Ricardo Guimaraes

Many people would only know Ricardo Guimaraes as the Banco BMG’s president and heir. What most would not know is that Ricardo also has a big interest in mining where he continues to make fortunes like other mining businesspersons. Ricardo Guimaraes is Flavio Pentegna Guimaraes’ son and has worked in the Banco BMG since 1998. Since 1930 when his grandfather established the Banco De Credito Predial, the family has maintained links with the financial sector.

Under Ricardo Guimaraes, the bank moved from an average family business to a market leader in payroll loans and personal loans in Brazil. Ricardo Guimaraes utilizes the lean structure in his business dealings when closing important business deals. He also aims to minimize the interest loans while also ensuring low delinquency. His business insight has ensured that Banco BMG remains on top and the current management takeover is Ricardo’s strategy of ensuring his dream for the institution lives on even after his demise.

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The Future of Law in Brazil with Ricardo Tosto

Most people don’t know much about law or lawyers in Brazil. There are several lawyers people should find out more about. One of them is Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent lawyers in Brazil, and his law firm is recognised in the country as well. They are most famous for their work in the area of litigation. The company consists of people who are very dedicated to their job and very skilled. Their knowledge and proficiency are recognised on a state level as well. The client of the company come from different areas, such as banks and even government and if someone needs legal help in Brazil, these are the people who get recommended.

They are very focused when it comes to business. It is not an easy task to be fruitful and knowledgeable about the law and at the same time have knowledge about other complex sectors such as finance. Ricardo Tosto not only knows the law but also speaks the language of his clients, making communication easy and pleasant.

Ricardo Tosto and his colleagues come highly recommended by LACCA, a partner association of Latin Lawyer, the Latin American Association of Corporate Law. They care about the clients from individuals to organisations. And they take all cases very seriously not just because they want to win, but because they want to help.

Litigation is not the only area the lawyers specialise in. They were recently working on an international money laundering case side by side with Brazilian courts and their Swiss colleagues to change a court ruling according to new evidence.

Brazilian laws on Environment are stringent, but on many occasions, they are outdated and contradictory. Therefore, there is a need for skilled attorneys to help change these laws in favour of nature. Since the environmental issues are becoming more and more important, the legislation of a country must reflect it.

Ricardo Tosto obtained his degree in law from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and he also studied business administration. He gained experience in smaller law firms before starting his venture.

Today he is a partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados and the company is one of the most respected in the country.

The Reasons As to Why Ricardo Tosto is a Major Attorney

Brazil is famous among several great states of investment. It has a distinct economy with excellent opportunities to establish a business. Some of the world’s top banks are located in Sao Paulo in Brazil. If you plan to do a large scale business in Brazil, you might take into consideration hiring a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto. He’s a good option to work for you since he is the prolific top rated attorney in Brazil. Brazilian attorneys can provide you with diversified lots of business and individual laws.

This nation has undergone several changes in securities exchanges over a few past years. This is inclusive the appointment of Joaqim levy as the Finance Minister. Sometimes, foreign corporations have to state that they have to maneuver around to be successful. Ricardo Tosto as a Brazilian lawyer will be a point to what regulations are as well as how you can keep your business in consent at all times. Brazil also has insurance, workers compensation, debt, and bankruptcy lawyers who are different compared to those in the US. Ricardo Tosto is also aware of when you are supposed to release a financial statement as well as how financial statement need to be audited and more detailed information.

He is among the partners who founded Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados which holds a rank among the top Brazil’s corporate law firm. He achieves law education after he pursued his education with a bachelor’s degree in Mackenzie Presbyterian University. After this, he went to Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and did his law. Apart from his law practice, he also participated in politics. He was the campaign manager for Paulo Maluf who was the former presidential candidate.

Ricardo Tosto has helped many prominent clients who have a debt and credit restructuring situations and securities trading and mergers as well as acquisitions. He was awarded severally for working inclusive of listings in Who’s Who Legal’s Brazilian Lawyers. Also, Ricardo Tosto is also in the International Bar Association. He was an instrumental founder of the Election Law Studies as well as the Brazilian Institute for Political Party. Ricardo Tosto is also an author of legal proceedings inclusive of “O Processo de Tiradentes.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an Attorney with OAB 103650 / SP and has 1961 processes indexed, until then, by the Excavator. With 1770 cases in the State of Sao Paulo, besides 97 cases in Brazil. Of these cases, Banco Santos S / A was the party that appeared the most, totaling 87 or more cases, followed by Banco Fibra S / A with 58 or more lawsuits. Its clients with the most processes here are Banco Fibra S / A with 31 processes, followed by Banco Santos S / A with 21 processes.

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Ricardo Tosto – Known for His Expertise in Compliance and Administrative Law

Many of the aspiring students in Brazil are choosing law as their profession because it is sure to help make their career and assure them professional satisfaction and financial reward at the same time. However, becoming a successful lawyer is not an easy task in Brazil as there are many examinations that one need to pass through and the eligibility criteria are tough and challenging. However, once the students pass through the tests and qualify as a lawyer, the entire struggle that has gone through would be worth it. It is mainly because there is a dearth of lawyers in the country, and the demand is high due to the emerging economy and the developing corporate sector.

Even though there are many attorneys and law firms in the country, there is a dire need for more legal professionals. It is this dearth in supply that ensures professional growth of the lawyers. One of the prominent names in the legal fraternity of Brazil is Ricardo Tosto, who is also the co-founder of Tosto and Barros Advogados law firm. He has helped in making the law firm one of the tops in the country through his sheer dedication and hard work. The expertise of Ricardo Tosto in the field of administrative law, civil law, and compliance law is well known in the corporate sector. Moreover, Ricardo Tosto is known to be an authority in the field of mergers and acquisitions, risk management, and advising compensation committee for high-level executives and his Facebook.

Ricardo Tosto started his career on a simple note and joined a law firm as a law clerk. However, with time, Ricardo Tosto was able to gain much confidence as well as knowledge, which helped him win many of the complex cases as well. It is what brought Ricardo Tosto in the lime light. Ricardo Tosto provides legal counsel to many of the large scale corporations as well as middle market companies in Brazil. It is essential for the companies to stay compliant as per the federal laws. Ricardo Tosto has studied law from the reputed Mackenzie Presbyterian University and has also studied business administration from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation and resume him.

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Getting A Good Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you searching for the right lawyer for your situation? Want to be sure you are dealing with a lawyer who will be able to give your case the attention it deserves?

When you are in the midst of business or corporate litigation, you need a lawyer you can count on. Your livelihood is at stake and you need a lawyer that will fight for you. So selecting the right lawyer is crucial to the future of your enterprise. When choosing a business litigation lawyer, there are a few things that you need to know.

Getting an experienced lawyer is a great idea and will ensure that your case is handled appropriately. An experienced lawyer will have the right resources and skill to advise and represent you.

There are many good lawyers in Brazil but make sure that you get someone who is qualified to practice in the right jurisdiction for your legal issue. Also be sure to check the lawyer’s background and be sure there are no unresolved complaints against the lawyer. And arrange a consultation to discuss the case before making a decision.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in business law and corporate law. He handles legal issues for clients in their organization, and has more than 22 years of experience advising and representing large companies, professionals, corporations, multinational organizations, institutions and high-profile individuals throughout Brazil.

Mr. Ricardo Tosto works hard to protect the rights and best interests of his clients. One of the extraordinary things about Ricardo Tosto is that he is focused on every situation he addresses. He takes the time to speak with his clients and know them, know their scenario, and he has the capacity to help them. This reinforces his mission, which is to give each client his full and undivided attention.

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Ricardo Tosto: Getting A Powerful Business Lawyer in Brazil


Are you having legal issues with a business transaction in Brazil? Do you want to choose a reputable lawyer for business litigation? If you are in need of powerful representation or top notch legal advice, it is imperative to choose the most recommended business and corporate litigation lawyer in the industry.

Of all attorney specialties, business and corporate lawyers are most aligned with the business world. These lawyers typically provide advice and guidance to clients who are going through a legal situation and need direction. Sometimes they provide guidance to those who are starting a new business.

Keep in mind that all business lawyers do not have the top resources skills to provide outstanding service or legal solutions to clients.

When it comes to selecting a lawyer for advice or guidance, it’s imperative to do your research before making an informed decision.

Determine the immediacy of your legal situation before researching lawyers. If you have been involved in a serious legal dispute with a business partner or another company, you need to contact a lawyer immediately.

There is no need to delay in getting the right lawyer for the situation. Putting legal matters on the back burner might cost you more in the end.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a top rated Brazilian lawyer is your clear choice for all matters related to business or corporate law. Mr Ricardo Tosto renders high quality legal advice and representation in all matters related to business and corporate law. He has an impressive list of clients, including corporations, mid-sized companies, institutions, entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals and individuals who are in need of a competent lawyer on their side.

Ricardo Tosto is highly knowledgeable and experienced, and has appeared in courtrooms around the nation. He is well known for his unique litigation style and negotiation techniques. He has the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, and can create an atmosphere in which his clients’ case receives the attention it deserves. His approach generates more successful resolution of disputes for his clients. Ricardo Tosto’s goal is simple: to obtain the best possible outcomes for his clients.