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Laws for Paws

Sergio Cortes says that it isn’t too hard to find men or women, boy or girls, who are animal lovers and advocates. The larger part of the population has a pet to care for at home. There are some people who have more than one pet, across more than one species.

It’s incredibly easy for those people to show love and affection for their animals. After a while, they become family. New Zealand legislation just took the first step in declaring that animals indeed feel love and affection. In an unprecedented legislative bill, New Zealand officials are declaring domesticated pets as sentient beings. The bill clarifies that animals in fact feel emotions, both positive and negative.

While pet owners have known this for centuries, it has taken the law up until now to realize this. The bill was designed to curb the occurrences of animal abuse and set boundaries for animal rights cases. Instances where animals are seen as objects or property will have to bear the weight of the new bill. SPCA officials also hiked up the fines and jail sentencing for people who abuse animals.

Domesticated pets have been recorded as having bouts of separation anxiety, social disorders, and other emotionally based disorders. Thanks to this bill, these animals will stay protected and get the care that they need. New Zealand has taken a bold step when it comes to animal welfare. The citizens of New Zealand couldn’t be more proud.