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How Jason Hope supports Arizona in Technology development

The first growing biotech industry in Arizona has made the country to collaborate with high ranked Industries in technology development. These companies include the IT technology and IOT (Internet of Things) developers, and this has made Arizona attract many startups and job opportunities despite the fact that it was recently hit by economic crisis. Among the supporters of this initiative is Jason Hope who is healthcare technology investor, philanthropist, futurist, and entrepreneur. The strategies and development policies that the Arizona government has been applying has been working well with Jason Hope’s line of doing things both politically and technologically because he is a keen player in bringing technology to the state. His primary objective is to support startups and new entrepreneurs through supporting educational programs.

Jason Hope is also a supporter of charitable organizations that mostly deal in curing disease. Additionally, he is a critical player in innovating new ideas and supporting agencies that embrace his political opinions. Because of the challenges that are involved in nurturing new plans to become successful businesses, Hope supports interested students and business owners through guidance, financing, and grants. His primary focus today is to invest mostly in startups, biotechnology companies and other new companies which are promising as far as technology industry is concerned. His first company is called Jawa which has partnered with other technology companies in the mobile industry. He also has interests in search engine optimization, marketing, and business information and has been generating a lot of income in that area too. Jason Hope believes that the internet of thing will be the greatest technological improvement in the future. IoT presents an opportunity for mankind to have a better life, and resume him.

Hope supports many humanitarian organizations especially those that apply biotechnology efforts in curing diseases in Arizona. One of such organizations is SENS Foundation which utilizes technology to offer treatment and slow down or reverse aging. He is a strong supporter of the Internet of Things mainly through the development of desktop software, mobile Apps, gaming software and internet connected gadgets that he believes are enjoyable and will improve human conditions. Others include kitchen appliances, street lights, thermostat controls and electronic devices. He believes that in a world where there is technology, life is always comfortable and enjoyable. Jason Hope is a graduate of W.P. Carey School of Business where he attained an MBA in business and a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and more information click here.

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Jason Hope; Making the World a Brighter Place

Currently people use smart technology as a convenient tool in their lives, but Jason Hope believes that in a few years, smart technology or ‘Internet of Things’ will become a much more common feature in everyday life. Corporations need the latest technology to keep their cutting edge in the business world and to lure clients, but what about devices that allows us to automatically make coffee as soon as the alarm goes off, because the technology is connected? Imagine not having to worry about not leaving the lights on, as you can check your device to shut the lights off? Jason Hope thinks that this ability to connect will happen very soon, eliminating a lot of waste and making lives safer.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and earned his BS in Finance, and later at the W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU, got his MBA in Business. Since then Jason has been busy with several enterprising paths in industries that maximizes computer information systems and technology. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He has a committed interest in local politics in Arizona and nationally as it pertains to business and Jason on Facebook.

He also has an interest in helping other young investors realize their dreams, as his site, Jason’s Hope is a grant program. High school seniors and college students are invited to submit a solid idea and technology plans, which Jason looks at personally. If he likes a plan, students can receive anywhere from $500 to $5000 to make solid technological ideas get off the ground. While Jason is all about the technology when it comes to business and giving back by helping others, there is another part of Jason’s Hope which is philanthropy and learn more about Jason.

The one organization that stands out is the SENS Foundation. SENS is focused on taking a different approach when it comes to aging. They are driven to find the cure for diseases like heart and lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s. Traditional medicine treats diseases like these once they occur, while SENS focuses on trying to make these diseases never occur in the first place. Jason Hope is looking towards the future in various ways; technological, future investments, investing in young entrepreneurs, and supporting research to rid the world of diseases and aging. The future looks very bright indeed and read full article.

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Technology Is An Ever-Growing Industry

Technological advances happen everyday and effect people’s lives in subtle ways. Each of these advances require great thought. There are a lot of intelligent minds that work behind the scenes to provide products that make life easier for every person. The IT industry is at the forefront of innovation. Companies have a desperate need for technicians to execute the ideas that have been created by technology visionaries. John Goullet started out as a IT consultant. He quickly recognized that the technology industry had severe staffing issues. A company can only grow as fast as its personnel can support. Staffing for a technology company requires a unique skill set. John Goullet was able to identify the needs of these technology organizations and seek out skilled individuals to match open job positions. He launched his own staffing company. Info Technologies was John’s answer to an industry problem that was slowing down the process of many great ideas. Info Technologies quickly grew into a multi-million-dollar organization. John had even bigger aspirations for his original vision. He merged his with Diversant Inc as a way to create more opportunity for himself and the people who had supported his original idea. John was selected as Principal at Diversant Inc and immediately applied his work ethic to moving the company forward. Diversant Inc is a leader in IT staffing and has a Fortune 500 client base to show for it. John understands that working with others is critical in developing a plan. It is also essential for company leaders to study the market and industry they are working in. Competitors offer a great deal of information. Observing successful companies in the same industry is a great way to develop effective habits. This is what moves an organization in the right direction. Diversant Inc has been able to monitor the trends of the IT industry and maintain a solid position by developing talent that organizations desire. There are a number of staffing agencies within the IT industry. However, training recruits for a skilled position is the primary focus of John Goullet and his team at Diversant Inc.

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