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Learn From Someone Who Knows

Greg Secker is trying to make people understand that if you use some tools, work on your timing, and do not hang on to a stock for too long, that you, too, can make money trading. There are a few problems that plague individual investors. First, they remember reversals-of-fortune way better than they remember successes, and this leads to a sort of trading paralysis where they don’t want to sell a stock when it is not performing as they expected it to, and secondly, they don’t want to sell a stock that is performing well as they think it will keep on performing well. Mr. Secker likely knows this and he also knows if investors are not coached into taking modest profits, rather than expecting trees to grow straight to the sky, they will fail to adhere to the principles of timing when trading.

Mr. Greg Secker has designed a course that teaches those interested in stocks how to efficaciously trade and these courses are offered under the aegis of his TradersUniversity. The course is broken into 4 sections and is delivered in a seminar-style format. The 4 main topics covered are fundamentals, technical analysis, trading psychology and money management. Trading psychology is likely the one that most investors would need to pay close attention to because more often than not, the failure amongst individual traders is in not pulling the trigger to sell when they should. They should either sell enough to take profit and let the principle ride, or they should sell out the entire position when the profit they wanted to make is reached.

Having a goal in mind as to what kind of profit you are interested in making when you buy into a position that is intended for trading dollars is very important. Making sure you sell when that happens is equally important, yet most people cannot sell if a stock is performing well. They are convinced it is going higher and they fail to make a move when they should. This leaves them feeling a sense of recrimination when a stock pulls back and they have failed to take the profit when the goal is reached. No one knows where a stock is going next, so this is why it is crucially important to follow the direction of someone like Greg Secker who will ultimately teach people how to acknowledge they have no clue what is happening next with a stock, so it crucial to sell in a timely manner.