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Chris Burch the Fashion Mogul

Chris Burch is the founder of a leading technical fashion and disruptive brands business, Burch Creative Capital. This investment activity is a philosophy of expressions of Burch’s entrepreneurial values and vision for new market brands, which has direct active and lasting impact on the consumers’ lives. These brands are a result of creative imagination, incubation, scale, and support of Chris.

In 2012, Chris together with McBlind, a hotelier, bought a $30 million hotel on Indonesian Island and redecorated it. In2015, the duo reopened the hotel as a 5-tar hotel with vintage designs and excellent equipment. Chris put in his many year’s fashion experience to come up wth such a nice hotel.

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Chris is an active investor in a broad range of diverse businesses which include fashion, real estate, and technology, visit to know him more.. He has immensely contributed to the rise of many technologies and luxury fashion brands such as Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe and Poppin, and Voss water.

Career Path

Chris Burch started his career in 1976 as an undergraduate student at Itchica College where in collaboration with his brother, they started Eye Apparel. After they sold Eye Apparel, Chris later invested in Internet Capital Group, a conventional IPO on the internet.

In 2011, he started an apparel, C. Wonder, accessories, and home décor retailer, which was later purchased by Xcel Brands. He then, in partnership with Ellen DeGeneres, launched a lifestyle brand, ED in 2014. Later in the same year, he started Cocoon 9, a luxury prefab home with a contemporary design, energy efficient features, sophisticated finishings with space-saving floorplans. Besides this, he is currently supporting various lifestyle and consumer products brands such as home furnishings, hospitality, technology industries like Blink health, Brad’s raw foods and so much more.  Additional reading on

Membership and Funding

Mr. Burch sat on the board of the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and he also served as the president of the Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He is also a former board member of the Continuum Group and Guggenheim Capital. Chris has also contributed towards the Mt. Sinai research and philanthropic initiative in New York, the Henry Street Settlement, the Sumba Foundation, The Child Welfare League of China, and the China Association of Social Work.

Use of Technology

In the fashion world, technology is in displaceable. Technology is not only used to create beautiful fashions but also plays a role in the making of functional apparels. Technology is the tool in the hand of a creative and imaginative mind to create a beautiful fashion. For example, the make of trending Google glasses is a fusion of technology and fashion to produce such an exceptional piece of fashion. Sometimes, people get such creative ideas during production. Such ideas can be written down on a notepad or spoken into a recording machine while still working. Thus technology helps to save future creative ideas, which may later be the company’s motto while working on a present assignment.

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