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Businessman Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter Soars In Popularity

The famous investor and Wall Street maverick, Paul Mampilly’s coveted newsletter recently exceeded 60,000 subscribers which is quite a feat for a financial industry newsletter (as they are not generally thought of as the most exciting pieces of literature).

This milestone positions the paper as one of the single fastest growing newsletters in the entire investment industry which is quite a accomplishment.

One of the reasons for this accomplishment stems from Mr. Mampilly’s extensive wealth of personal experience within the respective field. For instance, Mr. Paul Mampilly spent over 20 years on Wall Street working for such notable financial firms the Dutch, multinational banking corporation, ING, Kinetics International, as well as the German banking and financial services company, Duetsche Bank. Additionally, out of Mampilly’s 13 open portfolio positions, 11 of them are highly profitable.

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However, it should be noted that length of experience means very little if all that time produces little to no results, however, this was most certainly not the case with Mr. Mampilly who has proved himself time and time again within the financial industry, perhaps most impressively by successfully winning one of the Templeton Foundations investment competitions by taking a fifty million dollar investment and transforming it into a 88 million dollar one. What was really and truly impressive about the financial guru’s exploits with the Templeton Foundation was not even the massive turn around in finances (which amount to a 76 percent straight gain) but rather the fact that he accomplished such a turnaround during the height of the financial crisis!

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Igor Cornelsen Advises Investors On How to Minimize Investment Risks

By virtue of having extensive experience in the financial industry, Igor Cornelsen knows that investment is a risky process. He posits that one should have adequate knowledge of where he or she would like to invest. Regardless of one’s experience, there is always the risk of losing one’s investment. Igor posits that both experienced and new investors should understand the investment rules. According to the investors, one should seek to minimize his or her risks and maximize the returns.

Igor asserts that investors should know that all investments have considerable risks. This way, investors should assess the risks involved. Investors should commit their savings to investments that have minimal risks. After investing, one should carefully monitor the investment to assess whether he or she is making or losing money. If an investment is making losses, an investor should terminate the investment quickly. Igor posits that it is crucial for investors to make their own analysis based on market data, company information and any other information. This strategy will enable them to know the performance of different stocks in the market.

Most young people start investing after they are married or after being promoted to a position that guarantees them more income. Igor advises young people to start investing as soon as they start earning their first salary. Over time, small investments grow and helps one during retirement.

A good investor should diversify his or her portfolio. Diversification helps in minimizing risks and increasing the chances of an individual getting returns from his or her investments. While diversifying his or her portfolio, an investor should review his or her investment goals. They should also avoid risky investments. In addition, an investor should have an investment adviser to guide him or her through the process of diversification. Advisers plays an imperative role in helping investors to make sound investment decisions. Investors should seek the services of renowned, qualified and certified advisers

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investor. He is known for his insightful financial advice. As an investor, he believes in developing sound investment strategies that enhances one’s portfolio. Many investors have benefited from his advice and insights on taking advantage of damaged stocks. Igor is the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc.