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The Investing Advice Of Long Term Investor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a longtime investor and banker who has lived most of his life in his native country of Brazil. He was a very prominent banker in Brazil and led a number of the largest banks in the country. He retired from banking in 2010 and now splits his time between Brazil and South Florida.

As a part-time job and hobby, Cornelson has an investment firm in South Florida named Bainbridge Investments, Inc. In addition to managing his client’s portfolios, he serves as an investing and financial consultant to high net worth individuals.

Igor Cornelsen says that when investing it’s best to avoid damaged companies as the whole point is to make money when investing, not lose it. A company that is damaged is not a good investment as so putting money into them isn’t a good idea. However, he says that sometimes good companies have damaged stock. When this event occurs it’s a great time to put money into it as it is likely the stock won’t be damaged for long and will return to the value that it should have. In this way, you can invest at cheap prices and make an almost guaranteed return in the long term.

Other investing advice that Igor Cornelsen likes to explain to people is to start investing when you’re as young as possible. The sooner you put money into the global stock markets the more effective each dollar is. $200 saved and invested a month when a person is 25 is much more valuable at age 65 then $200 invested every month when someone is 45. This is because the earlier saved money had 40 years to grow instead of half that. Due to compounding interest, one of the biggest factors in having enough for a successful retirement is time.

Cornelsen also suggests people get a financial adviser, at least when they’re starting out investing. Once someone is familiar with how the markets work and how and when to rebalance account they can then try to handle their portfolios on their own.


Igor Cornelsen Brings Home Ideas For Making Investments In Brazil

Igor Cornelsen is fairly easy to find on Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress if you would like to hear what he has to say about investing. He’s a former investment banker who now focuses on private investments and offers part-time consulting services to various clients around the globe. He also makes appearances and reports on TV from time to time, and most of his advice is how to become a profitable but careful stock investor. While Cornelsen has a lot of general tips to offer investors, most of his advice would be regarding long-term investing.


Long-term investing is the end game that Cornelsen says all investors need to be willing to play. He says that far too often people look to strike it big with stock trades by entering the stock market like a casino and trying to buy and sell fast-growing stocks immediately. Igor Cornelsen says far too many investors end up disappointed and sometimes with big losses because they didn’t understand that investing isn’t about making it big overnight, it’s about picking small stocks and having a diverse portfolio as well as having a plan to let the investments add up over time for savings in the future.


Cornelsen has said investors ought to be willing to look beyond the US stock market and consider investing in foreign countries like Brazil, the country of his birth. Cornelsen was formally educated in Brazil and also worked for three of the nation’s biggest banks and advised the government in fiscal policy. He tells investors that they should get to know these banks and learn which ones can accommodate foreign currency securities. Cornelsen also says due to a lot of upheaval over the last few years, regulators are going to have some “red tape” that may make investing a bit more difficult for newcomers, but navigating the red tape is more than worth it according to Cornelsen. He also says investors should look at other foreign nations and economic trade policies that affect Brazil including China and the Middle East.

Investors Look To Igor Cornelsen For Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a financial expert who has all the experience that can help people to grow. People may like to invest in commodities or even in foreign exchange in order to make money. This is why they need the assistance of an expert investment firm that can provide them with such an opportunity.



This is why Igor Cornelsen chose Bainbridge Group Inc. to make all his investments in the stock market.



He is an investment banker. He is one of the most prominent bankers in Brazil today. He has the experience of managing several large banking institutions of the world. He trusts Bainbridge Group Inc, as he believes it to be a trustworthy agency that can provide expert advice as well as a clear insight into making investments.



He is a consultant too. Hence people come to him for advice. He has an expertise of being able to make long-term investments in an intelligent manner, even if the stock market is highly volatile.



In fact, people consider him to be a champion with regard to investing. This is because he knows everything about making investments whether it is in a company, or even a commodity. He has a lot of invaluable experience of working in this field.



This is why he has been able to guide several investors who have made several successful investments on a long term basis. Not only this, but Igor Cornelsen also advises people against investing in any kind of damaged companies. He advises them to invest in damaged stocks instead.



He considers these to be cheap stock opportunities that are guaranteed to make a lot of money. Hence such stocks will pay off well in the long term.



Currently, he is serving as the proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc. Prior to this, he had held several high-ranking positions. These were in the leading banks of Brazil. He retired in 2010.



Now he lives in South Florida. For him investing is a hobby. But he would also like to make use of his extensive knowledge and expertise to help other investors. This is why people are coming to him for advice all the time. Besides, people are well aware how many investors have managed to make long-term gains based on the advice given by him. Hence everyone wants to do the same. It does not matter where a person wants to invest as expert guidance is always welcome.



Figuring Out Your Brain Type to Succeed Financially

A lot of people want to succeed financially. But they have natural limitations that keep them from doing so. If you know the brain types of people who do succeed financially, you can learn from them, and imitate them to a certain degree. Myers-Briggs believe that we can never change our brain type, but we can develop it to become slightly more balanced and effective.

The four kinds of brains that make the most wealth are the ENTJ, ESTJ, INTP, and ENTP. The average human is an ESFJ. A practical, friendly, observant, and skeptical person. The easiest way that the Average Joe or Mary can become wealthy is by learning from an INTP or an ENTP, the smarter and more intellectual cousins      of the ESFJ. This frequently occurs when you get a college education. The complement brain of the ESFJ is the INTP, the innovative and clever scientist. ESFJ’s who practice programming, independent thinking, and reading will have a greater chance of becoming wealthy.

Developing discipline is crucial to becoming wealthy. People who are poor share several things in common. They like pleasure. They are selfish. They do not test what they hear. They demand and expect handouts. They go into debt frequently. They are generally mean and ungrateful.

People who are wealthy share the following brain traits. They like to suffer. They are generous. They always test what they hear. They give and do not receive handouts. They lend frequently. They are generally kind and grateful.

Becoming wealthy may seem like a high and challenging road. But it is something that we can all work toward. There are many people who have succeeded, and studying their lives will yield the missing ingredients to your financial situation.

Warren Buffett, a billionaire who built the gigantic investment company Berkshire Hathaway, summarized his investment philosophy as avoiding what others love while loving what others avoid.

Martin Lustgarten wants to help you succeed on the road to wealth. There are relatively few people who make it big. That is because becoming wealthy is the result of your natural abilities, choices, and your environment. Martin Lustgarten wants to help guide your choices and environment so that you can become more successful.

You can contact Martin Lustgarten at his Linked In account. He looks forward to hearing from you.