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Josh Verne Gives invaluable advice on people overcoming their fears and succeeding in business

This is the second decade that the business and investment expert, Josh Verne has been in business. His specialty is starting and growing business in preparation for sale. He is currently the owner and president of The journey that he has taken to become the success that he is was tough, however, he stuck to the process and is now enjoying the results of his resilience. He also has a lot of advice to offer people that want to be their own bosses.

The first thing that he recommends to people that want to succeed in business is learning how to lead as opposed to bossing people around. He states that when people are bossed around, they feel under-appreciated and end up ganging up against the administration and undermining their efforts to make improvements at the organization. However, the boss who leads by example offers others the inspiration they need to make a change. When a boss is absent, the employees do not work as they should, on the other hand, whether a leader is present or not, the employees’ personal goals will be met.

The second secret to winning in business according to Josh, is that it is important to create a situation where everything becomes a win-win. Every time there is an impasse at the work place, the leader should look for the solution that makes everyone comfortable. The moment one group of people starts feeling like their happiness is always undermined at the expense of another group; the teamwork spirit goes out of the window.

Thirdly, Josh Verne believes that everyone should generally be better listeners than they are talkers. However, he strongly believes that business leaders need to understand and internalize the reason they have two ears and one mouth. He states that the leader who adopts the virtue of speaking less than they listen will be listened to the few times they decide to air their opinion.

The last principle that he believes in is that if one’s passion becomes their work, then they will not have to work for a single day of their life. This simply means that when you follow your passion in looking for businesses to lead or invest in, job satisfaction will automatically follow.

Josh Verne

He is the founder and CEO of flockU. He created the mobile peer to peer exchange to help college students share viral content about the things happening on and off campus. Other ventures that he created and made success out of include Work Pays me and Home Line Furniture.