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How Eucatex Has Evolved During The Years

The seventh largest paint manufacturer in Brazil, Eucatex is one of the few remaining majority locally-owned companies in the industry. The company currently has a 3% market share but is focused on increasing the market share to 5% of the total coatings and paint market. The company manufactures an inclusive array of architectural coatings such as enamels, acrylics, varnishes and a variety of stucco and wood coatings and finishes. Eucatex also makes other products for both the domestic market such as doors and partition and the construction company.

The company recently disclosed its plans to build the latest hardboard plant in Salto worth R$130 million. Eucatex is capable of manufacturing 20,000 metric tons of wood fiber or waste wood products in a month and has ultra modern equipment that separates plastic, metal, paper and non-ferrous materials. The company is actively engaged in environmental conservation by making its essential sales dependent on renewal forest materials.

The company was established on November 1951 while the first panels factory commenced its activities in Salto during 1954. This came when no other company had come up with the idea of using eucalyptus as a raw material to manufacture ceiling tiles and panels. The company has grown rapidly to accommodate the needs of furniture producers.

The company’s products were globally recognized in 1996 making Eucatex the first company in the industry to receive the certification ISO 9001. The company was acknowledged for its sustainable enhancement and holds global approvals ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Not to mention that the company received the Green Seal by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) a firm that ascertains that forests are conserved concerning the most strict, environmental and social standards. The company has also been awarded on different occasions since 1997 such as the Projeto Design’ Magazine Top Brands – Laminate Flooring category in 2013, 10 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil 2011 (‘Gestão RH’ magazine) in 2011, Top Fairs Certificate 2006 – Best Stand, National Confederation of Storekeepers and Directors – Coatings & Partitions Category in 1997 and many more. Eucatex was the first to establish a wood recycling line in South America.

CamaraBarbacena immediately after assuming presidency Flavio Maluf implemented a unique management technique known as modernization. Mr. Flavio is the president of Eucatex and GrandFood group. He is a prominent entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer who graduated from FAAP, Brazil. Mr. Flavio is also the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex.