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What Kind Of Change Has Andy Wirth Provided The World?

Andy Wirth is known for being the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings group. Known for being one of the best presidents they have ever had, the company has received numerous awards and gain notoriety for being one of the best resorts in the industry. Having started in this unsanitary a very long time ago, his 25 years of experience brought him closer to this amazing opportunity of being president.

He was in the mountain resort and hotel industry for more than 25 years. He started back in 1986 with the Steamboat Springs Resort back in 1986. He also became and served as one of their many marketers and leaders in different positions with the corporation. It was in 2010 when he finally decided to join the team as president of the Squaw Valley Resort.

This guy has become known for being a reliable and top notch president because of the way he handles business and takes care of his employees in a very generous way. His amazing resort is known for providing top of the line services at the best prices. Squaw Valley is extremely beautiful and known for their quality skiing mountains and resorts.

What Kind Of Change Has Andy Wirth Provided The World?

Andy is known for his amazing philanthropic work and what he has achieved over the years. Having worked with a variety of organizations over the years, he has helped grow countless organizations to becoming full grown places to help others. As a member of the Founders Circle and contribute to numerous environmental community service organizations, he remains to be quite philanthropic and inspirational. He has worked with organizations like The Tahoe Community, High Fives, Truckee River Council, among many others. He continues to make change and a huge difference in different communities by being active and also serving most organizations with a leadership role to help inspire the youth and build growth in communities.

Andy is quite inspiring with what he does, and he continues to make differences in people with his amazing contributions to the world and different organizations. He has made great change and continues to make big changes with his investments and charitable choices. His role in this industry has enabled him to make wonderful charitable investments that have made the community a thousand times better. Andy clearly is making big changes and will continue to do so in the near future.

Blueberry the Pit Bull is Fighting to Change Minds

Many cities have bans against owning or breeding pit bulls. Because of dog fighting rings that frequently abuse and torture pit bulls, they have falsely been accused of being dangerous. It is not the dogs but their owners that cause aggression. That is why a pit bull named Blueberry and her owner Maura Porter are fighting to get their reputation changed. Based on common misperceptions about how dangerous this breed of dogs are, many of them die of euthanasia, even if they have done nothing wrong. When Maura first tried to get Blueberry involved with helping the disabled, she was rejected based strictly on her dog’s breed. That made her realize she needed to rally to defend pit bulls. Now Blueberry works with a place called “DOG B.O.N.E.S.” as a therapy dog. She helps the terminally ill and those hospitalized, and the patients love her. Ricardo Guimarães BMG recently had an ill friend who Blueberry would visit and the friend would immediately light up upon seeing her and blogged about the loving encounter on CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE BELO HORIZONTE. Her sweet disposition might just help give others a brand new outlook on pit bulls.

Abandoned Pup Finds Where She Is Meant To Be

When it comes to service dogs, it takes a special dog to fit the bill. You need a dog that’s sweet and happy, but also well-behaved enough to listen and take cues after being trained. Animal love, Dan Newlin, has read that after almost 1,000 hours of training, a retriever mix that was abandoned at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County ended up being the perfect service dog for a boy named Mikey.

The Pup, Sasha, was dropped off at the shelter in the summer of 2013, approximately 3 months old and so sick that she almost died. She caught the eye of Katie Burland, a local dog trainer. After being impressed by Sasha’s temperament, Burland took the dog home and cared for her for 18 months.

Mikey is 11, and he has autism and Williams syndrome. Burland and Mikey’s mom are co-workers, and Mikey wrote a two-paged letter to Burland asking for a service dog because he thought it may help him. Burland thought Sasha was the perfect dog for Mikey. She now knows 32 voice and hand signals, and she is trained to be calm when Mikey may make loud noises or sudden movements when he’s distressed or excited. Sasha also knows to lick Mikey’s face if he has severely lost control, which provides deep-pressure therapy.

Spontaneous speech is hard for Mikey, but he has been talking more since Sasha came into his life. He even made a New Year’s resolution to speak better so he can give her commands!

Father and Son Save Baby Otter

Baby wild animals are lost and left alone all the time. So when a father and son pair happened upon a stranded baby otter while out walking their dog in Highland Village they immediately stopped and wanted to help him. Unsure on what to do, they called a local wildlife rescue center. The rescue center quickly agreed to help them rescue the animal. They could tell the otter, which they named “Otto” really needed someone’s help. Otto was severely dehydrated and malnourished. The sooner they got him saved, the better.

Baby otters are very dependent on their mothers. It was obvious that the baby had been separated from its mother for quite some time, and with the team unable to locate his mother they took him in. The wildlife center says that he will be in their care for approximately a year. In addition to wanting to make sure he is completely recovered, they also want to make sure he is able to hunt and take care of himself. However, once he is ready, he will be able to enter his natural habitat.

John Textor Continues To Be An Industry Pioneer

John Textor is an entrepreneur currently working in film and visual media. He is best known for leading projects using photo realistic, digital human beings and has also worked in depth with film visuals. He has also been Producer as well as Executive Producer of the 2013 film Ender’s Game, and is currently signed on as Producer for a film called Art Story, an animated film from Disney veterans Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams.

John Textor began his career with an education from Wesleyan University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in economics. In 1999, he landed a position as director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse. He moved up quickly with the company and eventually became CEO in 2005. Textor also held prominent positions with a number of other companies including Sims Snowboards, Michael Swerdlow Companies, as well as the Lydian Trust Company/

In 2006, John Textor went on to become Chairman and CEO of a company called Digital Domain and was the leading force in creating its parent company, the Digital Domain Media Group. Together, these two high powered companies have been responsible for visual effects on over 80 big buck feature films, with 25 of them occurring under Textor’s leadership. Some of the films overseen by John include large scale blockbusters Transformers, Tron: Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as well as Real Steel. One of John Textor’s most notable successes included leading the company to receive an Academy Award in 2009 for work done in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The award was given for the first true to life digital human and received the Achievement in Visual Effects award.

After his years at Digital Domain, John Textor went on to land his position as Executive Chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation, a digital production company specializing in computerized human likeness technology.

Homeless Cat Saves Baby In Russia

A story from this morning tugged hard at my heartstrings. In Obninsk, Russia there is an apartment building where the tenants care for a homeless outdoor cat. They leave him food, water, and even a box for shelter. One tenant of the building heard the cat crying one day and went to make sure she was okay. Instead what she found was a 12 week old baby boy in the cat’s box, with the cat keeping him warm while crying for help. The baby was dressed well and abandoned with diapers and baby food. When the ambulance came for the baby the cat tried to jump in to follow. When the ambulance left with the baby the cat stayed in the same spot for hours waiting for him to come back. Residents have said that the cat looks like she is also expecting some babies of her own.

I’m not going to lie, this story had me tearing up like someone was cutting onions near me. I find it so sad that someone abandoned this baby in the cold but thankfully the cat’s instincts took over and did it’s best to keep the baby warm. And at least the baby was healthy and well taken care of. I hope that the baby finds a loving forever family who will take him in.More on from Gianfrancesco Genoso

Cat Saves Small Baby From Freezing Temperatures In Russia

A furry and lovable tabby cat named Masha is being hailed as a hero cat in Russia for saving the life of a baby. The baby was found with the cat after it had been abandoned and left alone in the streets. When local residents found the baby, it was being kept warm in an old box that the baby had been left in.

The cat is considered a communal cat and is often cared for by several of the local residents. When one of them found the baby they immediately called authorities and the baby was rushed to a local hospital to be checked out. The baby was later given a checkup and is considered in good condition.

Since the baby had been found, the cat is being treated like royalty and given many treats and rewards from the locals. Authorities are still searching for the parents of the baby to find out what happened. Many hearts were touched such as my friend Sergio Andrade Gutierrez.

Andrew Heiberger Develops And Sells

Taking a little bit of a different angle today, because of someone that I’ve been reading about lately.  Andrew Heiberger has inspired me, for what he’s accomplished and what he’s been doing.

Andrew Heiberger is the President and CEO of Buttonwood Development and Town Residential. He runs his real estate empire in the New York City area, and he is based in Manhattan. He has been able to give every customer the service they need when they go looking for properties in the area. He develops and he sells to people that need something new.


When Andrew works with his team at Buttonwood Development, he is able to take old spaces in the city and turn them into something new. The development plans that he has devised have helped disused areas of the city come back to life. When new life is given back to these parts of the city, people flock back into these areas. Andrew works with people who want to develop in these areas, and he leverages his work in the real estate industry to make sure there are large spaces for these would-be developers.


Town Residential is a company that helps people find the homes that they need in and around the city. Town Residential is the venture that Andrew uses to help people find their dream home in the New York City area. He knows that people have specific needs, and he wants to make sure that these customers are able to get the best space for their family. He works with properties that have several bedrooms for a large family or studio apartments for the single worker.

When you look into the work that Andrew does, he is able to make changes in all parts of the city. He can find people lovely places to live and work, but he can also help bring parts of the city back to life. He develops and he sells to make certain that everyone gets what they need the most.