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Service Dog Saves Owner’s Life

Dog is man’s best friend, but this service dog went above and beyond for his owner when he was injured saving his blind owner from being hit by a school bus. The owner, Audrey Stone, was unaware that a bus was coming while she crossed the street in Brewster, New York, so her dog Figo dove in front of the bus to lighten the hit that Stone was about to take. Luckily, Stone and Figo both walked away with minor injuries after the incident.

Reports say that 62-year-old Audrey Stone was out for her same everyday walk with Figo in Brewster when Figo’s instincts kicked in to protect his owner. The vehicle was a mini school bus and it struck Figo with the driver’s front wheel, which left some fur behind. Paul Shwartz is the manager of a nearby Xtra Mart gas station who ran to the aid of Figo and Stone when the incident happened.

Approximately 15 EMTs showed up to help Figo and Stone within minutes of the accident. Stone suffered a fractured elbow and ankle as well as three cracked ribs along with a gash on her head. Figo is at the vet and being treated for a leg injury. The driver of the bus is currently on leave while an investigation is taking place to see if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving the bus.