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George Soros Donates For The Campaign To Move Latinos And Immigrants To The Democrat’s Side

The deal of the plea against the deportation of Asians, Latinos and other immigrants still pending in the court and awaits signing by President Obama. Immigrants who voted for this plea have been disappointed because the plea has taken too long. Trump on this other side according to a Latino participating in the super park campaigns since his first campaign was for anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim. The move that Soros says is destructive to human rights and democracy by the Republicans. Soros has donated $5million to support the Democrats and included Latinos support of the Democrats. He and other liberal donors are on a move to include all Latinos and immigrants in the democrat’s campaign as an exercise of democracy. The Republicans are disrespecting human rights when they say that no Muslims will enter the United States.

According to an article published in NY Times, the 5 million will be donated to a new Super Pac called Immigrants Win Pac. The goal of the campaign is to swing immigrant’s voters to vote for the Democrats in the political campaign. George Soros has now reached a $13 million donation in this campaign season. The Latinos and other immigrants make more than 400,000 populations in the United States and their support to Democrats will be a great move for the party. Back then they were propagating the win of President Obama when he won their support by promising to work ion the immigrant deportation rule of their favor. Unfortunately, the president has not met their plea up to now. The Democrats are however divided on the support of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton whereas the Republicans are supporting Trump because of his promise to block immigrant’s workers by building a large wall at the Mexico border.

George Soros is a liberal thinker, and he does not support the great effort of Republicans to deport and remove immigrants from the United States. The Hungarian-born investor relocated to the United States after surviving the holocaust in the world war too. The people of Hungary were anti-Jews just like what is happening to Trump with the anti- immigrant’s campaign. Soros is adding the $5million donation to the $8 million he supported the Super Pac campaign now campaigning g for Clinton and he even apologized to Clinton for having not supported her back in 2008. Soros comeback had taken him long since 2004 when he lost $20 million in the campaign against the then president George Bush. He is now made a strong political comeback.

Soros does not agree with the fact that Trump is disrespecting the principals of the open society by campaigning for deportation of immigrants especially the Muslims. His Open Society Foundation has over time promoted democracy and supported group campaigning for respect for human rights. From his donation in the political campaign Soros has influenced the support of many investors because he is seen as their bell weather.