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Apartment Complex Requires Pets

Pet owners often have to make difficult sacrifices of putting their pets in shelters when the apartment complex they move in to won’t allow pets. When an animal is deeply cherished and becomes a part of the family, that is a hard decision to make. Some apartments allow pets with a deposit, but a Hollywood place with a different outlook actually requires residents to have one so that they can live there. Yes, that’s right. Judy Guth loves pets so much, she actually tells all of her renters that must have a pet according to Handy on TechCrunch. The renters don’t mind. Many have rented from her for more than two decades. She truly cares about the people, helping them with all that she can. Some call her requirement a form of discrimination, but Judy just laughs at this. With shelters full to the brim of animals who need homes, many are hoping more apartment complexes become just like Judy’s.