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Thor Halvorssen Looks For Ways Of Improving The Lives Of People Around The World

Thor Halvorssen has made himself a major part of the human rights activist community over recent years due to his willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the issues of concern into the public eye. The founder of the Human Rights Foundation was born in Venezuela and educated in the U.S. where he was studying when his first interaction with the human rights community took place; Halvorssen’s diplomat father was illegally imprisoned and tortured when he uncovered widespread corruption and criminality among members of Venezuela’s law enforcement community in conjunction with illegal drug gangs across the nation. Watch Video Here .

In an attempt to free his father, Thor Halvorssen helped head an Amnesty International campaign that inspired him to become even more involved in the human rights activist community. After becoming frustrated with the focus on areas of the world Thor sees as providing a free and democratic life of many major human rights groups Halvorssen decided to form the Human Rights Foundation in 2005; in a bid to set his own foundation apart from the traditional human rights groups the graduate of the University of Pennsylvania developed a small team of workers and built a board filled with former political prisoners and respected former political leaders. Many believe the decision to appoint Russian political opposition leader Gary Kasparov by Thor Halvorssen was designed to keep the pressure on President Vladimir Putin who had clashed with the Human Rights Foundation over the treatment of political artists “Pussy Riot”.

The Human Rights Foundation works in a range of different areas of the world in a bid to bring democracy and freedom to all people living in closed societies; Halvorssen has played a key role in publicizing the plight of those living under the dictatorship of North Korea through the Hack North Korea event and a series of drops of material into the socialist country to bring western culture to the people of the nation. One of the most high-profile events undertaken by the Human Rights Foundation was a 2015 balloon drop of copies of “The Interview” into North Korea, the Hollywood movie that caused controversy for its depiction of the North Korean dictator. for more.