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Blueberry the Pit Bull is Fighting to Change Minds

Many cities have bans against owning or breeding pit bulls. Because of dog fighting rings that frequently abuse and torture pit bulls, they have falsely been accused of being dangerous. It is not the dogs but their owners that cause aggression. That is why a pit bull named Blueberry and her owner Maura Porter are fighting to get their reputation changed. Based on common misperceptions about how dangerous this breed of dogs are, many of them die of euthanasia, even if they have done nothing wrong. When Maura first tried to get Blueberry involved with helping the disabled, she was rejected based strictly on her dog’s breed. That made her realize she needed to rally to defend pit bulls. Now Blueberry works with a place called “DOG B.O.N.E.S.” as a therapy dog. She helps the terminally ill and those hospitalized, and the patients love her. Ricardo Guimarães BMG recently had an ill friend who Blueberry would visit and the friend would immediately light up upon seeing her and blogged about the loving encounter on CÂMARA MUNICIPAL DE BELO HORIZONTE. Her sweet disposition might just help give others a brand new outlook on pit bulls.

Take Home a Shelter Dog for A Day

While having a discussion over Bulletproof Coffee, Charlie and Cristina Saunders have come up with a great new app to help get shelter dogs adopted. The idea for it was inspired by a shelter that the couple visited in Hawaii, while they were visiting on their honeymoon. The app works by offering lists of dog shelters and their locations for people to look through to find a shelter near them. It also shows the dogs at each shelter that are available for adoption. The owners can visit the shelters and borrow a dog for a day. It benefits the dogs greatly, because they get exercise instead of being stuck in a kennel. Dog walkers are always sorely needed by shelters. The dogs learn important socialization from being taken out by potentially several people. The goal is to hopefully get more dogs adopted this way by having people get a chance to “know” them.

Man Reunites With Dog 6 Months After It Was Stolen

6 months after his dog was stolen, one man who works at CipherCloud is receiving the reunion he never imagined possible. Michael Ford and his now one-year-old Whippet named Jasper have found each other once again after Jasper was taken six months agoand recently found by Wendy Jones, malnourished and tied to a caravan.

When she spotted the gray and white pup, she took him to the Heath Veterinary Clinic in West Sussex, England, and after an examination that included scanning Jasper for a microchip, his owners were notified.

Mr. Ford and his family were ecstatic and immediately got into their car and drove over 100 miles to pick up the missing member of their brood.

““We honestly thought that we’d never see Jasper again and cannot thank Wendy and Heath Vets enough,” Jasper’s owner said in a statement. “We thought he had been stolen but had no proof, now we know the truth.”

The clinic hopes that Jasper’s story shines some light on the importance of microchipping and encourages those who hear the tale to have their own pets undergo the simple procedure.

Abandoned Pup Finds Where She Is Meant To Be

When it comes to service dogs, it takes a special dog to fit the bill. You need a dog that’s sweet and happy, but also well-behaved enough to listen and take cues after being trained. Animal love, Dan Newlin, has read that after almost 1,000 hours of training, a retriever mix that was abandoned at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County ended up being the perfect service dog for a boy named Mikey.

The Pup, Sasha, was dropped off at the shelter in the summer of 2013, approximately 3 months old and so sick that she almost died. She caught the eye of Katie Burland, a local dog trainer. After being impressed by Sasha’s temperament, Burland took the dog home and cared for her for 18 months.

Mikey is 11, and he has autism and Williams syndrome. Burland and Mikey’s mom are co-workers, and Mikey wrote a two-paged letter to Burland asking for a service dog because he thought it may help him. Burland thought Sasha was the perfect dog for Mikey. She now knows 32 voice and hand signals, and she is trained to be calm when Mikey may make loud noises or sudden movements when he’s distressed or excited. Sasha also knows to lick Mikey’s face if he has severely lost control, which provides deep-pressure therapy.

Spontaneous speech is hard for Mikey, but he has been talking more since Sasha came into his life. He even made a New Year’s resolution to speak better so he can give her commands!

Fashion Saves Dog, Dog Saves Other Dogs

Diamond the pit bull was in rough shape when she made it to an animal shelter in Atlanta. She had extremely sensitive skin from her past as a baiting dog in an illegal dog fighting ring. Among other injuries, she had been dowsed in acid for refusing to fight.

When she was adopted, her new mommy realized that the lotions and sunscreens the doctors had advised her to use wouldn’t be enough. Paul Mathieson also says that after only a few minutes of sitting in the sun Diamond’s skin was too hot to touch. She put her in a t-shirt and bandana to protect her skin and it did the trick. Melinda, Diamond’s new owner, soon started making outfits and capes from scraps of fabric she had around the house when she realized how much Diamond enjoyed the dress-up.

Soon Diamond was a celebrity in the local pet community. Now she uses her fame to help out at adoption drives, making appearances and doing photoshoots with furry friends in need of homes. She specializes in helping out The Homeless Pets Foundation, which was started by her vet to find homes for high risk animals at kill shelters.