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Innovative Insurance Programs with USHEALTH Group

The Texas’ Fort Worth-based insurance holding firm, USHEALTH Group, Inc. is typically a family of companies, which offers self-employed persons and small enterprises innovative health coverage. Leveraging the combined talent of its employees and agents, the firm markets its insurance products, which are profitable and competitive. They additionally provide reliable client service to their customers throughout every aspect of the company’s operations. Since 2010, USHEALTH Group has enjoyed unmatched success, growth, and profitability.


The success of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. is in correspondence with the 2014’s naming of Troy McQuagge to be the CEO and president of the company. During that period, the agents and subsidiary firms of the USHEALTH Group has made great strides concerning marketing their proprietary insurance programs in their respective health insurance markets. This is substantial because of the competitiveness nature of the firm. Since then, USHEALTH and Troy have earned several industry awards.

The firm received numerous One Planetâ„  Awards. They additionally were the recipient of the Company of the Year for Accounting, Banking, Financial, and Insurance Award. The Group voted Troy as its CEO and president due to his unparalleled expertise in the health insurance field. The One Planetâ„  Awards is one of the most prestigious global awards. The awards honor business and professional excellence in all sectors of activity. Organizations all over the globe are allowed to present their nominations to the awards, regardless of their size, the inclination to profitability, established or startups.


Troy McQuagge has successfully been able to lead USHEALTH Group into greater heights utilizing his vast expertise in the insurance sector. Troy spent over three decades working in both sales and administrative positions of the insurance industry. With these years of experience, Troy has earned himself valuable insights, which have enabled him to guide and administer the USHEALTH Group employees, agents and family of companies to record years of significant growth as well as incredible fiscal results. Troy began his tenure by revitalizing the company’s sales subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors. Troy, as the president and CEO, is credited with utilizing the firm’s proprietary authority platform to attain the growth objectives of the USHEALTH Group while managing the capital of the group efficiently. Troy began his career in 1983 working with Allstate Insurance Company.