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Eric Lefkofsky and the Future of Precision Medication

Precision medication is one of the most-discussed topics in the modern health science, especially in the cancer treatment. Though there is an alarming number of increase in the number of cancer patients across the globe as well as in the United States, the advancement of some companies in the healthcare sector giving a ray of hope for better survival rates in future. Among the companies, the firm initiated by leading entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus, is offering something promising for the future.

Though the firm began its journey less than three years back, it introduced an innovative idea of cancer treatment governance. Interestingly, Lefkofsky’s personal experience led him to establish Tempus as he identified that the industry was not using the advancement of digital technology, data collection, and other technologies to make the treatment delivery more effective. Therefore, the firm founded in 2015 to collect and analyze the molecular as well as clinical data of cancer patients for helping the physicians to derive the most effective treatment procedure for them and future patients.

Interestingly, the firm also developed a platform to help the physicians to analyze the molecular and clinical data of patients. It also laid out plans to develop an analytics software to improve the treatment delivery. It also developed an operating system that works using natural language processing to capture the data. Each patient note and other data are captured in a structured manner in it. While coming to the molecular data, the firm collects genomic information through the novel human genome sequencing. Considering the modern day cancer treatment is executed at the cellular and molecular level, the molecular data will be the biggest factor of treatment in the coming days.

Apart from being the co-founder of Tempus, Lefkofsky is also known for co-founding a number of companies. Some of them include Lightbank, Mediaocean, Groupon, InnerWorkings, Uptake, and Echo Global Logistics.



Lefkofsky has more than two decades of expertise in entrepreneurial ecosystem and started his business adventures immediately after graduating from the college. He is also very active in philanthropic contributions, and along with his wife, Lefkofsky founded his charity group called Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. It is focusing on children and investing in educational and scientific causes across the world.


InnovaCare Health: Transforming The Way Patients Receive Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is a company dedicated to offering people medical services that are both high in quality and also affordable. The company is operational in numerous parts of North America and has been providing treatment to offer millions of clients all over. The company has always stood by the principle that everyone should be able to afford healthcare so that they can take care of themselves better and get the right course of treatment for their ailments and disorders. Innovacare Health offers their services to people who have a membership. Those who wish to avail of this membership can opt to do so through their website. Thereon, they have to pay a small monthly upkeep fee, so that in their time of need, they can receive the medical care that they need without having to worry about the monetary aspect of it all. InnovaCare tries its best to cover every kind of medical treatment and procedure that their patients would need so that they can get all their treatments at the InnovaCare Health centers itself.

The reason why InnovaCare Health has become such a huge success in the medical field if owing to the incredible leaders running the entire operation. Dr. Rick Shinto is the primary person behind InnovaCare Health and one of the core people who has contributed to the growth and development of the company. Dr. Rick Shinto is a practicing doctor who has been a part of the medical field for an exceptionally long time. He has a great deal of experience in treating patients, which is why he knows exactly why InnovaCare needs to offer the people coming to them for medical help. He is also the person responsible for the current plans of membership that the company follows. Since taking over as the CEO of the company, he has brought along numerous reforms to the system, so that the company can operate at its maximum efficiency.

Penelope Kokkinides is one of the other principles at the company. She is currently the chief administrative officer of the company. She has been in numerous administrative positions in the past, working for various top tier medical companies. She has been in higher posts in the past, which is why she knows exactly what the job demands and what she needs to do to be as efficient at her job as she can be. Together with Dr. Rick Shinto, the duo has contributed immensely to the growth that InnovaCare Health has been seeing.

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Jennifer Walden: A Renowned Plastic Surgeon

Jennifer Walden was brought up in Austin, Texas. She was always on the lead in her class at the medical branch at the University of Texas. She was involved in successes in the ear, eye, and throat surgery in Manhattan which drove her ambition towards building a hospital in New York City. She later moved to her hometown back in 2011. Walden has co-authored the aesthetic plastic surgery book.

Walden has practiced plastic surgery for at least eight years. She focuses on cosmetic surgery, breast augmentations, and face-lifts, a few to mention. Walden also carries out liposuction on the thighs of the abdomen and the inner thighs. She also performs invasive procedures like Botox injection and Jennifer on Facebook.

Jennifer Walden recognizes how rare she is as many female surgeons have not specialized in cosmetic surgery. Among the over 8,000 practitioners in the US, only 851 of them are doctors, and at least 180 of them are members of the American Society. It is an organization which leads in registering certified cosmetic surgeons and learn more about Walden.

Walden believes in the fact that since medicine takes at least seven years, many women do not enroll for it as that means the delay in bearing of kids. She also says that the surgery course is a tough and is viewed as unfavorable by most women. Walden never minded staying a year out after studies to prove herself. Many cosmetic surgeries are carried out by female doctors since many women are comfortable with the same gender and more information click here.

Jennifer says she understands women who are usually embarrassed by their body and recognizes the changes that take place in the women body. She is a mother, so she understands women and has both sympathy and empathy for them. She also indicates that later in life she will have to be subjected to repair her abdominal muscles. Her commitment and dedication have seen her gain a huge demand for her services and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

All You Need To Know About InnovaCare and Its Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides

Since August 2016, Penelope Kokkinides has been the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health Solutions. She joined the company in 2015 and served as the chief operating officer at InnovaCare before ascending to her current position. Previously, she served as the chief operating officer of Aveta Inc. and as vice president of clinical operations. Penelope Kokkinides has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry specializing in government programs (Medicaid and Medicare) and the managed care industry.

Earlier, Penelope had served as the chief operating officer of Touchstone Health HMO. Before joining Touchstone Health, she served as the corporate vice president of care management and disease management at AmeriChoice. Penelope has a vast knowledge and expertise in developing clinical programs and managing health systems with the aim of improving efficiency and organization infrastructure. Penelope Kokkinides earned her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from Binghamton University and master’s degree in social works from the New York University. Later Penelope received her post master’s degree in public health and alcohol and substance abuse from the Columbia University.

Penelope Kokkinides Interview with Ideamensch

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Penelope has earned a lot of skills and knowledge in managing reputable institutions. Speaking during an interview with Ideamensch, Penelope gave some tips, pieces of advice and strategies that can be useful to professionals in different sectors as well as entrepreneurs. Take a look.

Great synergy with her workmates helps her bring ideas to life. The team has been helpful to Penelope helping her in both developing strategies and implementing them. She is excited about technology and how it has helped interconnect people as well as transforming the way businesses are done. Spending time at night thinking about the next day has been helpful to Penelope. She advises entrepreneurs to spend time reading articles to get abreast of market trends.

InnovaCare Joins HHS Initiative

In August 2016, InnovaCare announced its participation in the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a public-private partnership that aims at moving the health system of the United States to a payment model that is based on quality as opposed to quantity. InnovaCare supports the LAN mission to accelerate the transition from quantity based payment models to alternative quality based schemes. InnovaCare decided to support the LAN initiative because it marries with their mission of redefining healthcare management by providing patients with coordinated, innovative, quality and cost-effective health care services.

About InnovaCare

InnovaCare is a leading provider of Medicare Advantage Plans. The firm is committed to designing models that are sustainable, innovative and cost-effective to help in the provision of quality health care. These models are focused on redefining healthcare management to meet the modern day challenges in the healthcare environment.

The Medicare Advantage Plan with InnovaCare Health Services

A majority of individuals with Medicare receive their health coverage from Medicare Advantage Plan and Original Medicare. Comparing Original Medicare with Medicare Advantage Plan, the latter is inclusive of all the services that the Original Medicare covers. However, there is the exception of hospice care. Medicare Advantage Plans are typically Private Medicare Health Plans. Medicare Advantage Plan is designated only to cover Part A and B of the Original Medicare benefits. Moreover, it extends its coverage to services such as vision and dental care in some instances.

The Medicare Advantage Plan usually has an out-of-pocket yearly limit, after which a beneficiary is not required to make any additional payments until the year ends. A primary care physician is necessary under this Medicare program. The Medicare Advantage Plan has three common types that most Medicare beneficiaries typically prefer. These kinds include Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), and Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS). The Medicare Advantage Plan allows beneficiaries to receive a premium on top of what they pay under the premium Medicare Part B.

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Noticeably, a Medicare Advantage Plan beneficiary has to meet several charges. Such fees may include a fixed copayment and coinsurance that a recipient will pay when receiving these services. The fixed coinsurance is used to cover part of the cost of service. If you are a beneficiary of Medicare Part A and B, you qualify for Medicare Advantage Plan. Besides, you need to reside in an area that the service covers and not have an End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Notably, the Medicare Advantage Plan is increasingly gaining enrollment every year.

One of the leaders in the provision of Medicare Advantage Plans is InnovaCare Health, Inc. The practice has significant commitments to providing reliable, cost-effective and sustainable healthcare services with the utilization of modern health care technologies. InnovaCare Health, Inc. offers two plans of the Medicare Advantage program. MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. These two plans together have over 200,000 members with over 7,500 qualified providers. In Puerto Rico, InnovaCare service has an MSO medical service.

A team of qualified and experienced staff leads InnovaCare Health, Inc. with Dr. Rick Shinto being the President, CEO and the MD of the facility. Together with Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer, they have vast experience and skills in managed healthcare. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of substantial experience in the healthcare industry. Penelope Kokkinides has previously worked with reputable healthcare providers such as Centerlight Healthcare as the COO.

The Important Services Offered by Healthcare Companies

The provision of healthcare cannot be confined to the government as this entails a broad topic and service area. Each hospital will have a different system that allows for the execution of duties. Most services that are offered in hospitals require much attention, something that calls for there to be proper equipment and technology that allows for the execution of different activities that are necessary. This is not something that each hospital can manage to offer seamlessly. It sometimes gets more complicated to a point patients will have to bear with the inconvenience of getting transferred to the locations. For this reason, healthcare companies have stepped up in a bid to offer services that can allow each hospital to have easy time managing the needs of different patients.

It is certain that healthcare companies have invested heavily in having modern tools that are able to offer reliable services. Lack of the right equipment in hospitals has been attributed to heavy financial assistance that is needed not forgetting maintaining these equipment is a bit expensive. One of the easy people have been able to get personalized healthcare that is ideal to the realization of their needs is through healthcare companies. These companies have made it easy for one to receive services that are able to make it easy to handle all kinds of ailments.

Offering services that are tailored towards ensuring the health of patients is kept in safe hands is also a factor that has been expensive. Most hospitals have not been able to afford the budget that is needed to implement regular training of their employees to keep them in touch with current health topics. Leaving such professionals to work in the industry can hinder the effective delivery of services to the people. For such reasons, healthcare companies have taken over to offer the best to patients.

Nobilis Health is one of the strong companies that have invested in offering healthcare services for different hospitals. Ranging from ambulance services to surgeries, Nobilis Health has been able to deliver to the expectation of their clients. They are equipped with the latest technological features to help mitigate issues that offer a threat to lives of patients. Hospitals that have worked with Nobilis Health have recorded positive results within a period less than three months and this can be linked to the effort their professionals have displayed towards the development of a flawless system. This is among companies that can be relied on to offer healthcare services for health institutions.

Preparedness to handle emergency is necessary for all healthcare institutions. However, this is a subject that touches on how well equipped and moneyed an institution is. Lack of the right supply of funds will make it difficult to handle emergency situations. Healthcare companies are known to offer quick and tailored response in all situations and their methods of dealing with emergencies are unique and effective. They offer the most solid answers to healthcare problems. All the staff that is hired to execute procedures within the company is verified to offer such services.