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Waiakea Water was Built on Principles the Company Still Upholds

An online article called into question whether the current brands of bottled water are just capitalizing on this industry’s popularity or if in fact they really do have beneficial effects. The article also pointed out that not only has bottled water become a popular beverage around the world, it has also become a 100 billion dollar industry. It posed the question of why would so many people choose to pay for something they could receive for free from their own taps. The answer lies in the advertising behind the brands, which usually indicates some unique aspect to the water, making it more beneficial than ordinary tap water.

One brand of water that has shown itself to be beneficial to a person’s state of good health is Waiakea water. Marketed as a brand of Hawaii volcanic water, this product actually does contain nutrients used by the body to build strong bones and muscles. These nutrients include calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are added to the water through a natural process as it passes through several layers of volcanic rock.

With a pH ranging between 7.6 and 8.2, Waiakea water is also a naturally alkaline water. The Waiakea water pH level is also obtained naturally without the use of any artificial means of processing. In fact, the company behind this brand of bottled water, takes an active stand in helping to preserve the natural resources on the planet. Their bottling process is designed to use less energy as well as reduce the amount of carbon released into the Earth’s atmosphere. The water itself comes from a renewable source on the island of Hawaii, making it an environmentally-friendly product.

When entrepreneur Ryan Emmons decided to launch his own brand of bottled water at just 22 years of age, he also chose to market it on three basic principles. These included the water’s sustainability, its health benefits and its appeal to people who were socially conscious. As part of this company’s ongoing efforts to maintain these principles, it is moving toward exchanging its current RPET plastic bottles for a more fully degradable plastic, which will be available in the near future.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the Top Choice for Water Connoisseurs

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is making a commotion inside the world of bottled water. Bottled water is a primary commodity and the first-rate water continually comes from natural resources. The assets are generally places like springs, icebergs, and natural preserves. Waiakea is Hawaiian volcanic water and that’s what gives it the particular flavor that customers love. It is a relatively popular drink and a large number of people love bottled water. Ryan Emmons is the founder of this premium water company and he has been featured in Forbes as one of the businessmen of the millennium. Waiakea Water prides itself on being a socially conscious water agency. They do not disturb the natural environment when they’re producing their water and they make certain to offer a return to the environment in thanks.

The sustainable Hawaiian volcanic water is packaged in such a manner that it preserves the natural balance and does now not pollute. The packaging is fully degradable (it only takes 15 years to break down!). They give back to groups in need by means of donating to social causes that assist in improving the life and environment in various communities. Whilst most of the people in the bottled water industry are over the age of 50, Ryan Emmons started Waiakea Water at the age of twenty-two. Due to this he has teamed up with other young water producers and his corporation has grown more than 4000%. This big fulfillment is all because of his top class product and specific approach of production.

Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water originates from the Mauna Loa volcano. This lively volcano is capped in ice and produces the water through rain and snow. This creates a unique supply of water that is one of the purest assets on earth. Waiakea water ph degrees are excellent for improving health and supplying top rate hydration. By drinking the natural volcanic water you help your health. The volcanic water benefits encompass crisp taste and increased muscular endurance. The business enterprise has grown 170% in the last year and it suggests no signs of slowing down.

Eric Lefkofsky and the Future of Precision Medication

Precision medication is one of the most-discussed topics in the modern health science, especially in the cancer treatment. Though there is an alarming number of increase in the number of cancer patients across the globe as well as in the United States, the advancement of some companies in the healthcare sector giving a ray of hope for better survival rates in future. Among the companies, the firm initiated by leading entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus, is offering something promising for the future.

Though the firm began its journey less than three years back, it introduced an innovative idea of cancer treatment governance. Interestingly, Lefkofsky’s personal experience led him to establish Tempus as he identified that the industry was not using the advancement of digital technology, data collection, and other technologies to make the treatment delivery more effective. Therefore, the firm founded in 2015 to collect and analyze the molecular as well as clinical data of cancer patients for helping the physicians to derive the most effective treatment procedure for them and future patients.

Interestingly, the firm also developed a platform to help the physicians to analyze the molecular and clinical data of patients. It also laid out plans to develop an analytics software to improve the treatment delivery. It also developed an operating system that works using natural language processing to capture the data. Each patient note and other data are captured in a structured manner in it. While coming to the molecular data, the firm collects genomic information through the novel human genome sequencing. Considering the modern day cancer treatment is executed at the cellular and molecular level, the molecular data will be the biggest factor of treatment in the coming days.

Apart from being the co-founder of Tempus, Lefkofsky is also known for co-founding a number of companies. Some of them include Lightbank, Mediaocean, Groupon, InnerWorkings, Uptake, and Echo Global Logistics.



Lefkofsky has more than two decades of expertise in entrepreneurial ecosystem and started his business adventures immediately after graduating from the college. He is also very active in philanthropic contributions, and along with his wife, Lefkofsky founded his charity group called Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. It is focusing on children and investing in educational and scientific causes across the world.


Jeunesse Global Introduces Line Of Skincare Products

Jeunesse Global, the company founded out of the garage of Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has quickly grown into one of the most important health and beauty suppliers on the planet. The company has had the benefit of being founded and managed by two of the most experienced and skilled participants in the health and beauty industry. Both Ray and Lewis have dozens of successful business ventures under their belts. The duo, which had attempted to retire shortly before founding Jeunesse, had the know-how and grit to quickly build a tiny startup into a global player.


One of the most important assets that the company had going for it was Wendy Lewis. Lewis, who had spent her entire life in the health and beauty industry, had extensive experience in both business administration and product development. She was on a first-name basis with some of the most important research scientists in the industry. This long Rolodex allowed for Jeunesse to quickly develop some of the most innovative, industry-leading products in existence. Even as a new startup, the company was able to immediately begin competing with some of the biggest names in the business, such Maybeline and L’Oreal.  (Check out the company on iTunes.)


One example of Jeunesse Global’s innovative product lineup in the company’s NV skincare creme. NV was developed under the most rigorous scientific protocols. It relies on a patented molecule that the company simply calls APT-200, an anti-aging compound that has been demonstrated in lab experiments to increase skin elasticity and restore a youthful glow.


NV skin creme is powerful enough that it can restore a vital look to the user’s skin in just one application. The creme is applied once in the morning, lasting for the duration of the day, without the need for touch-ups or reapplication. Find More Related Here.



Another related product is the company’s Luminesce skin lotion. In addition to substances that promote youthful beauty and disappear wrinkles on the spot, Luminesce acts as a powerful moisturizer. With Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients, it is one of the best products to maintain overall skin health currently on the market. (More:

These are just two examples of the many products that make Jeunesse one of the world’s leading developers of skincare products.


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