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Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla Born At Australia Zoo wrote western lowland gorillas are highly threatened in the wild as there are only about 100,000 of them left due to all of the hunting going on in Africa and partially due to the risk of diseases like the Ebola virus as well. Well, some good news is in order as a female gorilla at the Taronga Zoo in Australia is proud to announce the birth of a new member to their family.

According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC Australia, the zookeepers are still yet to find out what the gender of the new baby is because its mother is clinging on to it pretty tightly. This is very exciting for our planet, as it means that this species will be growing slowly but surely. Despite how many activists there are out there trying to help this animals, it can be very difficult to promote their needs and get donations from the kindness of strangers. These monkeys are very smart, and this particular one at the Sydney zoo has given birth to seven babies now. It appears the the mother and the baby are doing pretty well in their environments and it is exciting to see what the new infant will grow up to be, personality wise. It is always great news when we hear about an endangered animal reproducing as they are really the gems of this Earth and our communities.