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Philip Diehl Explains His Love For Gold Coin Ownership

Philip Diehl recently spoke to the ePodcastNetwork about gold coin ownership in his capacity as president of the US Money Reserve. Philip is a currency guru who was once the director of the US Mint, and he wants investors to understand that there are many ways to invest. This article shares Philip’s thoughts on gold coin ownership, his belief that there is more than the stock market and the sort of products the US Money Reserve creates.

#1: Gold Coins Have Been A Standard For A Long Time

The whole US economy is based on the gold standard, and gold coins have been used as currency since before the time of Jesus. Gold coins are still popular today with many investors, and Philip encourages investors to have a look at all the gold coin options on the market. Philip’s company creates beautiful gold coins that anyone may collect, and he further explains the simplicity of gold.

#2: Gold Is Easy To Understand

The price of gold around the world is easy to ascertain at any money, and the weight of every coin is equally-easy to ascertain. Gold coins may be sold for a set value that is easy to understand, and collectible coins carry their own sentimental value because of the design. Philip produces lovely coins at the US Money Reserve that collects may purchase or trade, and he wants investors to put their money into coins that are easy to store and manage.

#3: The Coins Will Stand The Test Of Time

There is no way of knowing when a stock will fall off its high horse. There are many valuable stocks around the world today that seem like they will never lose their value, but large companies have gone bust many times in the past. Gold will never lose its value, and the price of gold is rising every year. Philip wants investors to trust in the stability of gold over the flash and appeal of stocks on the market.

Philip Diehl has a clear understanding of the gold coin market, and he makes a good argument for storing money in gold coins. The coins may be kept in a safe place, and the coins may be sold at any time. The coins could represent the retirement fund for someone who is investing, or the coins may represent an investment profit for an investor who is consistently purchasing new coins.

Gold Investing is Suitable for Everyone

In an interesting interview, Philip Diehl, a former director of U.S. Mint (appointed to the post by Bill Clinton) talked about the outlook for gold prices. Mr. Diehl expects gold to rise in the future. One of the reasons for it includes the continued printing of money by the central banks around the world.

Also, the dollar is bound to fall, leading to a rise of precious metals since these are priced in dollars. (There’s an inverse relationship between dollar and commodities in general- as dollar falls, commodities rise.)

In fact, soon after this interview, the Federal Reserve’s Chairman, Janet Yellen, announced that the Fed is likely to go easy on raising interest rates given the current economic situation. Lately, gold prices rallied to over $1,200 an ounce. That’s still nearly 40% off the all-time high.

Philip Diehl also pointed out that buying U.S. government-issued gold and silver coins ensures their purity. On the other and, when buying precious metal bars, investors risk that their composition may have been altered.

Precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are a viable way to diversify assets from the financial investments such as stocks and bonds. Stock markets go through lots of volatility, while bonds can go into default or lose value as interest rates increase.

At present, Philip Diehl is the head of U.S. Money Reserve, a leading vendor of government-issued bullion coins. The company offers gold and silver American Eagles. In addition, coins issued by Australia, Canada, and South Africa are offered to investors.

Many of the gold coins come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1/10th to 1 ounce sizes. Smaller coins make it easier for most people to invest in gold and other precious metals.

The company also offers Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)for the residents of the United States. This option allows for diversification of retirement savings with precious metals.

Check Out The News From US Money Reserve

Getting To Know The Facts

Not everyone knows about US Money Reserve, but they are definitely impacted by their actions. In fact, US Money Reserve is statistically the biggest and most successful dealer and distributor of precious metals. The United States works with the US Money Reserve to release these metals. The metals are of silver, gold or platinum origin, and they are officially government issued coins. The reason why it is important to stay up to date on what the US Money Reserve does is because these professionals in currency evaluations make special announcements regarding what changes are expected to occur with the United States in terms of currency. In fact, the US Money Reserve actually employs a plethora of industry professionals, including over 100 people who specialize in currency evaluation.

Recent Changes In Currency Evaluation

The President of US Money Reserve actually appeared on CNBC. He took the time to make a special announcement on the show Squawkbox, in which he discussed the possible future of one of the United States’ pieces of currency. The piece of currency that may be discontinued is the penny. The President, Phillip Diehl, admitted that the penny is of low value in comparison to the actual cost incurred in the production of the coin. He even goes as far as to tell people that it isn’t worth their time to pick the coin up if they are to see one on the ground.

It was interesting to hear his reactions to other view points, also. The reaction that was most memorable was when he spoke to what Andrew Sorkin had to say about the removal of the penny. Andrew Sorkin tells people that removing the penny will cause some disruption of America’s financial system, including inflation and distorted prices. President Diehl’s stance on this is that there is no issue because of the influx of electronic transactions as of late. Lately, there have been upwards of 75 percent of the transactions in the US completed through electronic means.

President Diehl goes on to say that the business owners will likely react to the change by rounding their prices in favor of the consumer’s pocket to show a courtesy to their customers.

Coin Collecting As A Profitable And Enjoyable Experience

It’s a great option to embrace a hobby that will bring you joy but also bring you some profit over time. If you decide to collect silver, gold and platinum coins, this can be very profitable for you. You can collect the items for some time but if you do your research and you are looking to turn a profit, you can usually do so when the time is right. Not to mention, you learn about the history of the United States, its economy and much more. Both young adults and grown men and women can get joy and profit from connecting with the US Money Reserve. They provide all of the collection materials that you will need to begin along with the information that you should consider in order to make a good and profitable decision regarding your investments.

Coins that are currently in circulation have some sort of story behind them. You might get that story right when you purchase or obtain a coin, or it might take you a little bit of investigative work to get to the bottom of where a coin has come from. This can be part of the fun of collecting. People who are passionate collectors find a lot of joy in finding out more regarding a coin, where it came from and why it was created to begin with.

Collecting allows you to invest as much or as little time as your want into your hobby. You can spend years searching for that one special piece that will complete your collection and you can keep an eye out for rare pieces. It doesn’t take much to get started. Really, you just need a few dollars and a trusted informational resource such as the US Money Reserve. It won’t be long before you are hooked on this new hobby and you are collecting more and more pieces.

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Purchasing precious metals and coins is not as straightforward and simple as many people may think. It takes knowledge and experience in order to make this a truly profitable hobby. As one of the nation’s largest distributors of gold, silver and platinum coin, the US Money Reserve is the source to trust.

When To Add Gold To Your Portfolio And In What Quantity

While most people know that holding gold in their portfolio is important for its inflation fighting, increased portfolio diversification, and its tangible and fungible nature, the question exists regarding both when should gold be added to a portfolio and in what quantity. This article will try to address these questions.

Most investment advisers recommend holding gold in your portfolio but don’t recommend making an investment in gold until you have $10,000 invested in index funds which track the overall market. Index funds provide you with access to a wide range of the stock market and the diversification benefits of holding gold don’t set in until you own other investment types. Once you have your first $10,000 invested in gold it is recommended that you hold about 10% of your total investment portfolio in gold investments. As such, as soon as you have $10,000 saved, it is often recommended that you should invest your next $1,000 in gold investments.

Of course, this is generalized advice and how you should invest your money will ultimately come down to your own investment mantra and how you perceive different market options to look like. You can hold more or less of your portfolio in gold as a result but it is highly recommend that you dedicate a portion of your portfolio to the precious metal. After all, it has been a viable investment for thousands of years and there is little indication that this will change in the future. Keep at least some gold in your portfolio at all times.

How to invest in gold and which gold investments you should pursue is for another article. However, it is important to use an investment adviser who is familiar with investing in gold and who can find gold investments that benefit you and allow your investment in gold to appreciate significantly over the investment horizon that you have. I used US Money Reserve Inc. who provided me with the advice needed to find gold coins and other gold investments that not only outpaced other investments but also the gold indexes by concentrating no rare gold coins that were little known to the market. US Money Reserve Inc. has a dedicated team of gold experts who were open and direct to me which I really appreciated throughout the time I was selecting gold investments. A firm like US Money Reserve Inc. is an excellent information source for anyone looking to make an investment in gold.

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